phpTrader Advantages Of Using phpTrader A Best Of Cryptocurrency Market

phpTrader (Introduction)

phpTrader company is an online trading company whose main aim is to make the trading of cryptocurrency easy for their clients. phpTrader company had to be innovative to create an arbitrage bot that could trade on a trader’s behalf by automating and simplifying the trading process. phpTrader Trading bot automatically analyzes thousands of transactions per second and realizes transaction gains.

How New Technologies Change our lives

The world has moved on from the days when things are done manually. Now we have robots carrying out tasks to ease humans from stress, computers are now there to make life easier and even a mobile phone that is always with us has made life very easy for humans as we can directly send emails and chat with family and friends on the go.

Changes In Trading Market Now

With all these improvements in technology, trading has not been left out as there has been an improvement in how trades are being taken. Before, forex traders need to leave their houses to go to their broker who will help them place their trade. But with the availability of mobile phones and computers, traders can execute trades all by themselves at the comfort of their home.

Just when you think life can’t get more comfortable, it always has a way of surprising you.

Artificial Intelligence

Apart from computers and smartphones, traders now design Artificial intelligence that will help them to trade even when they are not in front of the computer screen. It is through the idea of Artificial intelligence kind of trading that phpTrader was birthed.

Artificial Intelligence Of phpTrader

Furthermore, phpTrader has made life even easier for traders, because, with it, you don’t need to execute any trade by yourself. It is designed with a cutting-edge trading algorithm that can detect about 99% variables and minimal losses. You don’t need to know anything about trading as everything has been set for you. The Artificial intelligence of phpTrader helps to search the difference in the price of the cryptocurrency in over 1000 top global exchanges. Such activity is known as Arbitrage.

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the taking of advantage of price between two or more markets, which in this case is the cryptocurrency exchange market. It is the taking of advantage of the imbalance between the two exchange market.

For example

If the price of Bitcoin is $13,500 in Binance market and $13,000 in Bittrex market, there will be a difference of $500 which would be the profit.

How Trader Can Make Profit

All that a trader needs to do is to buy that currency from Bittrex and sells it to Binance. This is exactly what phpTrader does, but this time, it does it automatically.

Using Of Bots

As a human, you can’t be everywhere at the same time, and even if you want to search for a difference in prices from the different market all by yourself. They introduces bots that will automatically search on cryptocurrency market and makes profit for you.

How Simple It Is ?

This process is very simple even if you are a beginner, you can easily invest and make a profit just by using bots, if you run a bot on the crypto market, that bot will automatically find the profitable exchange price for you.

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