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In today’s business environment, the impact of the Internet and the ease of communication greatly surpasses the capabilities of previous generations.  The new standard sustaining business management has been defined as managing people, and to effectively do that; managers must be capable in both personal and professional life skills.  One of the best ways that we have found to help people get what they really want out of life is through project management. As on a PRINCE2 Training Course London.

There is a common misperception that project management is a vaguely defined methodology. At times, it is perceived as ” Ratio Management” or something a little more abstract yet incredibly critical.  In reality, project management refers to the organized and structured planning of the execution of projects “ationally” while executing current processes.  The principles of project management are designed to help managers know when it is time to invest and when it is enough.  It is a process that should be taken seriously and more than often companies especially small to medium enterprises have the very things that can derail a project.  In fact, 80% of small to medium enterprises do not have one or more formal project conference in regards to the upcoming project in general and the objectives being met.  Studies have shown company shutdown and projects not being completed have statistical potential to lose a company upwards of $50 to $70 thousand.

Project management will also save your company time.  We all have a finite life span and only the companies that have vision, refuse to make excuses and work passionately on doing what matters will be around in 2, 4 or 5 years.  Project management implements the process of individual team members cooperating to carry out the plan while following a clear and precise agenda for both the business and its people.  This approach to team building offers new ideas, viable solutions, and sense innovation instead of ineffective team meetings and bedlam.   The result of a well-organized project is patience and persistence.  It stands to reason that these things will be rewarded in terms of productivity and on-time delivery.

This certification is a very valuable of to the person’s profile.  Any small project that may be going on in a business requires a project manager to be involved at some level.  If we look at an organization that has 200 people and an employee of a manager makes a cost of $40,000 a year.  This cost of $40,000 is compounded each year and the level of management the corporation requires is likely a significantly decreased.  It is a cost/quality trade off.

Project managers need to be in the people’s business to be effective.  As much an they would benefit in improving themselves as a good leader, developing their personal relationships.  This skill may also carry over to the relationship with their direct reports.

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Project management must be looked at as a significant, core component of a company, even if this skill is more or less the responsibility of a person’s direct management.  As with anything, the more you look at the project as a part of the larger picture is the better able you will be to sound the vision and guide project team.

Project management allows managers and company executives to have more confidence in someone who may be stepping out of the cardboard box and gartering themselves with scientific method to get what they want out of life.

Contories are being replaced by new models that hone the ability to cope with ever changing environments.  The way we engage with other people is the best tool for driving a company forward.  This is exactly what must occur if we want to move from just surviving to thriving. In order to apply you must learn how to effectively utilize project management today and its expected effect.

James Jackson

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