Read It! How Can You Use A Line Sheet To Boost Sales?

Have you ever heard the term line sheet? If you are in the wholesale business, you might have heard the term, and the chances are you have made it from someone. But if you do not know what it is and how can it can businesses boost their sales, then you have landed in the right place. A line sheet is an essential tool that helps businesses present their collection to the buyers in the best possible way. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how to make a wholesale line sheet that makes a great first impression on the clients.


Every wholesale business, no matter how big or small it has to present its collection to the potential buyers. Without taking a look at what you sell, the buyers would not decide to make a purchase. And you cannot show them every product that you sell. The only solution to the problem is to create a line sheet containing all the information about your product mix.

A line sheet is a sales tool used by product-based and wholesale businesses to present their products to wholesale buyers. It allows them to get their products in front of potential buyers in the best possible way to generate more wholesale orders.

Thus, if you are thinking of starting a wholesale business, make sure you create a great line sheet to impress potential buyers.

Make a great first impression:

Many businesses do not understand the importance of a line sheet. But a line sheet is not a mere document that you show to the potential buyers. It is a useful tool that can actually convince the buyer to make a purchase. It is the first introduction of your products to potential buyers. It helps you create a great first impression on potential buyers.

But it is necessary to understand that making a line sheet is not that easy. You need to be precise and avoid providing unnecessary or irrelevant information in the line sheet. You do not need to use any flowery language in the line sheet. Just be precise.

Why my brand even need a line sheet?

You may be thinking why I need to make a line sheet. Well, every product bases wholesale business needs to make a line sheet to show its products to the potential buyers. It is not possible to show products to potential buyers. How would you do that? A line sheet helps you do that. You create a line sheet and include information necessary to make a buying decision. In simple words, you can say that a line sheet is a document that makes the buying process seamless and easy for both the business and the buyers.

What does a line sheet look like?

If you are making a line sheet for the first time, then things might be a bit overwhelming for you. But don’t worry! We are here to help you out. A line sheet should be a simple and organized document containing information about your product line. It must represent your brand well. In fact, it must contain all the information the potential buyers need to purchase your products. Make sure the line sheet you create is convincing enough to make him buy your products.

How to make a lime sheet?

Are you ready to create a great line sheet? Creating a great line sheet is pretty straightforward. Here is how you can make a line sheet that is effective enough to bring more and more customers into the business:

General information:

First of all, you need to include general information about your business. Of course, you would not start telling about your products straight in the line sheet. Introduce your brand first. The following information you need to include the in the first section of the line sheet:

  • Business name
  • Business logo
  • Contact information
  • Brief brand intro

Your business name and logo must be visible enough to get attention. Many businesses do not take their brand logo seriously. Little they do know is that the brand logo is their brand identity. Make sure that the contact information you provide is correct. This is how potential buyers are going to contact you. You are supposed to introduce your bard in the line sheet. But it does not mean that you can use long paragraphs for the purpose. You need to be as precise as possible.

Product information:

In the next section, you have to present your products to potential buyers. So make sure you do it in the best possible way. Bear in mind that it is the only chance to make a great impression on the potential buyer, so be careful.

  • Product images:

The first thing that attracts the buyer’s attention is the image of the product. You should use colorful images of the products to gran his attention. Make sure that the background of the image is light and neutral. Use quality images if you want to make a great first impression on the clients. But do not get fancy here.

  • Product line:

The purpose of making a line sheet is to showcase your collection in the best possible way. The customers will take a look at the product line and decide whether or not to place an order. So, provide all the necessary information about the products you have to sell.

Make sure you provide the information about the sizes and colors available. Provide the SKU number or item number to make it easy for the buyer to remember your products.

Wholesale information:

Again, the purpose of making a line sheet is to make the buying process easy for both the seller and the buyer, so do not omit the important details. The following information you should provide in the line sheet:

  • Lead time:

How quickly can you fill the order and ship the order? Well, the buyer wants to receive the products as soon as possible, but you need to be realistic here. You should tell the time in which you manage to ship the goods. Do not lie at all as it does not create a good impression on the buyers, and they will not like to work with your company again.

  • The order cutoff date:

Include the last date when the buyer can place an order. It must be according to your production schedule.

  • Payment methods:

It is highly important to describe everything about payments clearly in the line sheet to avoid future troubles. Tell him how you accept payments? Do you accept payments through credit card or PayPal?

  • Shipping policy:

State everything clearly about the shipping details. Who will cover the shipping cost you or the buyer? Tell him, who is your preferred shipping company? Write everything in the crystal clear manner.

  • Return policy:

Do you accept returns? In what circumstances do you not accept returns? It is highly essential to describe your return policy in the line sheet.

  • Expiration date:

Everything in the world has an expiry date, so is the line sheet. Note the date when the information you have provided in the line sheet will become invalid. The products and prices may frequently change, so; it is important to mention the expiration date in the line sheet.

Now you know what information you need to include in the line sheet. Make sure that you review the line sheet before sending it to the potential buyers. Review and edit to make sure that all the information you have included in the sheet is accurate.

Mistakes you should avoid while making a line sheet:

Since the line sheet is made to make the buying process easier, it must contain all the information about your product mix, but you need to be as precise as possible. There is no place for long paragraphs and flowery language in the line sheet.

Many businesses create a line sheet and use the same line sheet for every wholesale strategy without understanding the fact that it is not good for their brand. The businesses need to understand that the purpose of creating a wholesale sheet may be different. For example, if you are reaching out to store owners, then the line sheet you create must represent your whole brand. It should bear the responsibility of selling your products. But in case you are heading to a trade show, the line sheet you create does not bear the responsibility to sell.

In addition, many brands fail to tell their true story in the line sheet. You cannot use the long paragraphs in the line sheet, but it does not mean that you should crush the important information. You should craft a concise and illuminating bio.

Put yourself into the buyer’s shoes when making a line sheet. It will help you understand what information exactly the buyer needs to make purchases. A line sheet must consist of the information required to make a purchase. No nonsense should be included in the line sheet.

Do not overlook the design. If your line sheet is not aesthetically attractive, then it will not gran the buyers’ attention. Remember that buyers are busy people; they may be receiving many line sheets every day. If your line sheet is not aesthetically aligned, it may be buried in the pile of the line sheets the retailers receive every day.

You should not be confused at all when making a line sheet as it may confuse the buyer as well. Make everything clear.

How to use a line sheet?

Eye-catching sales and marketing material can really put your brand ahead of the competition. Well, designed line sheets can make a difference. If the buyers are interested in your brand, they may ask for a line sheet.

If you have it in your hand, it will make a great impression on the client. No matter you are setting up a meeting to a retailer or going to a trade show, make sure you have a well-organized line sheet in your hands. It will help you present your mix to the potential buyers and increase sales. And the profits are the sole objective of many businesses these days. You can earn profits only when you bring more and more customers into the business. And a line sheet helps you do that.

Can I make a line sheet by myself?

Making a line sheet can be an overwhelming task if you are making it for the first time. If you do not know what information you should include in the line sheet, how you will impress the client. But if you understand the importance of your line sheet and know how to make a great line sheet, then making it by yourself is the best decision.

However, you can hire a graphic designer too. But it can be costly, and not every brand can afford to hire a graphic designer. He can make a great line sheet, but you will have to pay him every time you make changes in the line sheet. So, skip the idea if you do not have enough budget to hire the services of a graphic designer.

What should you do then? There is another option too. You can download the templates available online to make a compelling line sheet. All you have to do is choose your plan, make the payment, download the template, add information, and download it.

You can download the free templates, too, but they do not look that professional. So, it is worth investing some money in online templates to create a line sheet.

Final verdict:

Making a line sheet can be fun if you know how to make it exactly. The key is to be precise. There is no need to include long text and paragraphs to describe anything. Just use the minimum text and state everything clearly. A line sheet can actually increase your sales, so make sure you know how to make a great line sheet that makes a great first impression on potential buyers.


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