Read It! How To Get Most Out Of A Line Sheet?

Historically line sheets were created for fashion and apparel businesses. Over time every product based whole business started using these sheets to present its collection. Whether you are into jewelry or clothing business, having a great line sheet in hands is crucial. A line sheet is a tool used by fashion brands to present its collection to potential buyers. It helps them showcase their products in the best manner, which otherwise is not possible. So, what are you waiting for? Download the clothing line sheet template and start impressing your potential clients.

If you are new in the wholesale business and do not know what a line sheet exactly is, then this article is worth reading. So, here you go!

What a line sheet exactly is?

If you are in the wholesale or retail business, then you might have heard this term a hundred times. The chances are you have made a line sheet already. You want to know more about it continue reading.

A line sheet is a tool used by brands to present their product mix to buyers that are interested in purchasing your products. It contains information about the product line, shipping policy, payment terms, and refund policy, etc. A line sheet helps businesses get recognition and increase brand awareness.

But including the product information in a sheet is not enough. You need to make a compelling line sheet that can make a great impression on potential buyers. A line sheet helps businesses provide the answer to the buyer’s questions. It is a document that makes the buying process easier, so it must be precise and contain relevant information only.

Difference between a line sheet and a catalog:

Many people get confused in a catalog and a line sheet. But it is highly important to understand the difference in both documents. A line sheet and a catalog both documents are used to get recognition and win more customers, but both are not the SAME.

  • A catalog:

A catalog is a document that contains detailed information about the brand and the products it offers to sell. It contains lifestyle imagery and long description. You can include the background stories in a catalog.

A catalog is a document in which you tell the buyer why they should purchase your products. You tell them how your products are unique and how they will be benefited by buying your products. You can use flowery language in a catalog. In fact, you can be creative to impress your clients.

  • A line sheet:

A line sheet is a document that contains information about the product mix. It is a more bare bone document that contains practical information only. There is no room for lifestyle imagery or long descriptions in a line sheet.

You cannot ask the customer to buy your products. You just tell them how they can buy your products. In other words, you can say that a line sheet is a sales tool that makes the buying process easier by providing all the necessary information a buyer needs. You can use professional-looking colorful photos of products with a white or neutral background in a line sheet.

How can I make an effective line sheet?

Having a line sheet on hand is crucial for every wholesale business, especially when it has become difficult to stay in the market due to the increased competition. Making a line sheet can be a daunting task if you do not know what information to include and what not.

Fortunately, you do not need to reinvent the wheel for you can use templates to make a line sheet. These online tools help you make a great customize line sheet if you desperately want to grab a client. Choose the layout you think best suits your business and start adding the relevant information below or beside your photos.

Your line sheet must be a true representation of your business, so make sure it is effective enough to impress your potential buyers. A great line sheet not only helps your brand get recognition but also increases its sales.

Your current buyers are an important asset, and you do not want to lose them at any cost. A great line sheet will help them stay with you.

Strategies to make an effective line sheet:

The businesses get only one chance to make a great impression, and the first impression is the last impression. So, making an effective line sheet is crucial. How can you make a line sheet that works for your brand?

You need to pay attention to minor details in the line sheet. Since it is a short document, you cannot take risks at all. Whenever you make a line sheet make sure you showcase your best selling products at the top of the sheet. It is a great way to lead your buyers on hand. If you put your top-selling products in the middle or end, the buyer may ignore them. So always put your hot selling items at the top and use the words “hot-selling,” “best-selling, “ etc. to drive the customer’s attention.

If the buyer is familiar with your brand, then you can use a customized line sheet as well. It does not mean that you have to create everything from scratch. Just include some additional information in a way that carets to that particular buyer’s needs.

Using these strategies to make a line sheet can take time, but it is worth it. A well-organized lien sheet actually can take your business to another level. Stay focused.

Important details to include a line sheet:

Now you know the basics of a line sheet. But still making an effective line sheet is not easy at all. You need to know what important details you should include in the lien sheet. You should also know what points you should not discuss in the line sheet.

You should include the information about the payment terms in the line sheet. Does the buyer have to pay before dispatching goods, or you give them 30 days to pay? What payment methods you accept? Do you accept payment through credit card or PayPal? Answer all these questions in your line sheet if you want to avoid the hassle in the future.

Should you also include information about the shipping policy? What shipping method you use? What is your preferred shipping company? What is the timeline? It is necessary to make a good impression on potential buyers, but there is no need to boast. You should not make a promise of delivering goods fast if you cannot fulfill it.

What if your refund or cancellation policy? Do you accept returns for the reason other than damage? What happens if the buyer cancels the order within a certain window? The buyer needs to know everything so that he can decide whether or not to make purchases.

Things missing from the line sheet:

Most brands think that they have made all the information available in one place; that’s enough. Well, you need to include all the relevant information only, but there are many other things to consider too, such as the layout, font, and text, etc.

Following are three things missing from the most line sheets:

  • Brand logo:

A brand logo is the identity of your brand, and you need to take it seriously if you want people to take your brand seriously. You have added the business logo on the cover page, and that’s enough. No! You should include the brand logo and contact information on every page of the line sheet so that the buyer can find it easily, even if some pages go missing.

Yes, the pages of your line sheet may go missing, even if you have sent a soft copy. The last thing you want to know is that the buyer did not have your contact details. So, make sure you include your brand logo and contact details on every single page.

  • Omitting important details:

Making a great line sheet means you should include all the information about the product line. Your line sheet must look visually harmonious. Imagine you make an aesthetically pleasing line sheet, but the pricing in it makes no sense, or you forgot to include delivery dates. What impression would it make on potential buyers? You need to be very careful while making a line sheet. It is not about stuffing the information into a document. It’s all about how efficiently you include all the details in the sheet and present your mix.

Other things to consider:

Once you have created a line sheet, check that the logo is visible or not. Use the clean and easy to understand version of your logo. Then check the text is minimal. A line sheet is a one or two-page document, so keep it short and simple. Check if it is consistent. You should make sure that the font size, image size, and font color, etc. are consistent in the sheet.

Your contact information should be accurate and easy to find. Place it below the brand logo so that the buyer can find it without any difficulty. Double-check the contact details to make sure there are no typos.

It is not easy to proofread your own stuff. It’s boring, indeed. But you cannot send it to potential customers until you are completely satisfied. Find a person who does not know anything about your product line. Show him the line sheet you have created and ask him if it makes sense. His/her review will help you understand what changes you need to make in the line sheet.

Tips to make a compelling line sheet:

Line sheets have become an integral part of wholesale businesses. No product-based business can survive without having a great line sheet in hand. You know that images speak louder than words, and in a line sheet, you should use high-quality images. Using low-quality blurred images leaves a bad impression on potential as well as current clients. You want to make your brand look professional, so you should sue quality images. Professionally edited photos are the best, but make sure you do not use lifestyle imagery. There is no room for lifestyle imagery in a line sheet.

 Your line sheet should be visually appealing. Use the font color and size that goes well with the layout of the sheet. A line sheet must contain detailed information in a concise format. You are not allowed to write long descriptions, but you cannot crush the important details either.

Mistakes the brands make while making a line sheet:

Following are a few mistakes many brands make and you should avoid them:

Using the same line sheet for every wholesale strategy does not work at all. You should know why you are making a line sheet? To convince? Or to sell?

Many owners think taking pictures with their cameras is a good idea. It can ruin everything. Since you are not a professional photographer, you cannot take the best pictures. Let the expert do the job as potential buyers do not get impressed with low-quality blurred images.

Not putting yourself into the buyer’s shoes is what most brands do. How would you be able to know what a buyer needs to place an order if you do not think from his perspective?

Overlooking the design is another mistake the brands make. If your line sheet would not be visually harmonious, the buyer will not pay attention to it, let alone checking it.

Line sheets are crucial for every wholesale business, no matter how big or small it is. It allows them to represent their brand in the best possible way. It helps them take advantage of the opportunity and make a great first impression.

Are you new into the wholesale business? Then make a line sheet without wasting any time and take your business to another level.  An effective line sheet can take time to make, so do not get panic.


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