Reasons To Buy Car Insurance Online

Today, you can buy everything online. The insurance industry is not too far in this race as you can easily buy one for your car, home, and yourself. The best four-wheeler insurance companies do not inspect your vehicle when you buy insurance online. This makes the mandate of buying insurance for cars a little less burden and a lot easier. Cost still remains a primary benefit and that’s why so many turn to for cheap auto insurance.

If you own a four-wheeler, you should know that third-party coverage is mandatory for all Indian cars. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, driving an uninsured vehicleon Indian roads is illegal. So, if you want to drive, you must get the car insured under car insurance with at least the third-party liability. The motor law also states to buy the third-party cover compulsorily.

There is also comprehensive cover which not only includes third-party asset and person damage but also own damages. Whichever car insurance policy you decide to buy, get it online from the best companies in India.

Why buy insurance online?

There are several benefits of buying online car insurance. They are:

Policy comparison

When buying insurance online, easily compare plans from different insurers. Research-based coverages and premiums are offered. This lets you get the best deals and buy your preferred policy without overspending.

Minimal to no paperwork

If it is online, it includes no paperwork at all. As opposed to buying insurance offline, you need not fill multiple forms for buying car insurance online. Some of the best car insurance companies might issue a policy with zero documentation, which is environment-friendly and hassle-free.

No requirement of insurance agent

While buying a car policy online, there is no need for an insurance agent. You can access all information concerning different insurance plans online and compare them to find the right fit for yourself. If you do not understand the technicalities, you can call the insurer always and solve your query.


Car insurance policies bought online are affordable than those offline. The insurance companies offer the best rates as their operating costs reduce when they function digitally. They need not pay for office expenses, stationery, or agent commissions. This reduces the expense and thereby lowers the premiums as well.


It is more hassle-free to buy car insurance online as you need not visit the office physically. You can buy it anytime, anywhere. You only need an appropriate device with a stable data connection.


When it comes to online, the factor of safety looms. Vehicle owners are often concerned about how safe it is to buy insurance on online platforms than offline. The best part about the online medium is that it isabsolutely secure. When you consider buying insurance online, you rest assured to get your money’s worth. The coverages promised are offered. Moreover, comprehensive or third-party insurance online is considered legally valid and authentic by IRDAI.

However, ensure to buy car insurance online from an IRDAI registered insurance company. The IRDAI sends a registration number to every 4-wheeler insurance company, which proves the company’s genuineness and authenticity. The insurance regulators keep a watch on such insurers and hold them accountable for any malpractices. Thus, it is safe to buy insurance online without any worries.

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