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Saving Matter! Get your dibond and Bollard Signs Today at VC Print

Dibond is a familiar term within the printing manufacturing, both for its reputation, highest quality, and leading sales, it is an aluminium composite combining two pre-printed aluminium sheets sandwiched around a core made of solid polyethylene, for the institute or businesses creating a sign to fits their needs in the best way, 

For choosing the right outcome you are in right place! VC Print made a lightweight and durable surface for the Dibond sign.

What is the lifespan of our Dibond signs?

The Dibond composite sign material will not swell wick water, decay, rote, or delaminate even under prolonged water appearance, the Dibond material itself will outlast the artwork on your sign. Our Dibond sign which uncoated economy grade signs are rated to last up to 3 years outdoors while VC print standard and premium grade signs coated with an optically clear. UV protective lamination is rated to last up to 8 to 9 years exclusively outdoors and the dibond sign can last for decades indoors.

 VC prints have remarkable print quality 

We are confident our Dibond print quality is best on the market but don’t just believe what you see but we can assure you we have thousands of satisfied customers that had left enthusiastic feedback on the finished sign they received.

We do this by ensuring our studio uses top-end print hardware and inks, among these, are our latest addition to the VC Print advanced ink technology and print speed of 100m 2per hour.

This enables us to provide excellent print results at an unbeatable price. Put your required size in the calculator above to get an instant price!

Perfect design every time

We know how much it is for your complete print to match up your business branding and we do this by carefully calibrating our machines to get an unusually high level of accuracy.

We print our Dibond using colors as well as being able to print using white giving you an unusual level of creativity for your sign design.

Why choose us?

Our Dibond signs are entirely rustproof, watertight, rot-proof, and chemically resistant making these aluminium signs with polyethylene core perfect for outdoors use you can also choose different colors, shape, size, and design of our aluminumDibond prints and use them from the shop front to advisory signs or as real estate aluminum sign.

Fitting for indoor and outdoor uses, Dibond composite aluminum outdoor signage is an attractive solution for those who need permanent printed signage in custom color which will resist any weather.

Dibond is a little high side but it has a long-lasting life span, as well as the bollard signs, is inexpensive and they are durable if they are made by us. 

Yes, we also made various types of banners like PVC banners, lamp post banners, bollard signs, etc. 

Dibond is expensive but won’t break your bank, kidding! 

Features of our Dibond signs

  • It is contacting rebellious 
  • Long-lasting Dibond material
  • Weather-resistant 
  • UV resistant 
  • The purpose for indoors and outdoors 

We create interior and exterior branding with custom composite logo signs, get the logo of your company printed on Dibond, and display it in your office, the sturdy metallic provides you a professional look for your business, 

We also offer an optional lamination service for custom Dibond signs, elimination is an extra layer of protection that prevents the surface of the material from scratches and makes it more durable, you can choose from matte, glossy, and dry erase lamination. 

Illustrate your best artwork printed on composite aluminium in your home or office and create a stunning decoration, Dibond print has vibrant colors that are sure to captivate, 

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