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SEO Marketing For Doctors

Can You Afford An Internal Marketing Agency?

Marketing is not cheap, and for the most part it’s not free—though as a hospital, doing something like hosting a health fair can do much to attain you free PR. Still, the “moving parts” involved in such an event have a collateral expense that may as well have been spent on a marketing agency.

The truth is, unless you can afford to source, hire, and maintain an internal marketing group, you’re better off going with an externalized option at a recurring rate. Outsourcing marketing allows you to sustain the auspices of the most professional practitioners in the field at a bottom-dollar rate.

Crunching The Numbers As Regards Expense

Think about it critically: is it cheaper to hire a marketing guru at $50k+ a year, or pay $2k a month for an entire suite of marketing professionals working around the clock on your campaign? $24k a year is $26k a year cheaper than a $50k+ marketing professional. Also, you need not necessarily sign a long-term contract with a marketing agency.

Because consultation is more convenient for many businesses, this is the route they may lean on by default. At sites like the following, you can secure some key information as pertains to SEO for doctors. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Here’s the thing: the “goalposts” of SEO best practices are always moving; so you can’t remain “static”.

Best Practices In Digital Marketing Continuously Change

If you keep doing the same things you found effective in 2010, not only will you not be as visible to target demographics as competitors, you may actually do yourself damage. For example, keyword stuffing is a term relating to the practice of putting keywords visible to search engines throughout a piece of writing so prolifically, it immediately appears at the top of SERPs.

Search Engine Results Pages shouldn’t produce a bunch of spam that’s been designed for marketing purposes. People running search engines realized as much and designed algorithms to anticipate this. Now, if you’re involved in keyword stuffing, there’s a high likelihood it will get your page delisted. It will be less visible than had you done nothing.

Similarly, mobile realities have changed the SEO game. More people access the internet through mobile devices than they do through traditional desktop options in modernity. This means your online materials need to be accessible on mobile devices with greater efficiency than desktop devices—if you’re going to reach the lion’s share of the market.

In another ten years, totally new, unforeseeable conventions will define online outreach. An SEO firm who specializes in solutions for medical institutions will be very effective at helping you remain contemporary.

The Right Spin Can Be Integral In Marketing Effectiveness


Medical marketing groups can also help you put the right “spin” on products or services you provide. Say you’re a cosmetic surgery practice. What do you think is going to resonate more; a campaign to the tune of: “your nose needs help”, or one that says, “cosmetic options can clear nasal passageways and enhance self-esteem toward overall health”?

The latter will likely be more effective, but there is something to be said for humor and brevity. Different practices may do better with different approaches. Either way, finding a professional service that provides marketing for plastic surgery practice visibility might be your best move. At the very least, doing so would save you from common mistakes.

Finding Your Medical Marketing “Cruising Altitude”

So as a medical institution, you stand to save money and increase visibility through outsourced marketing solutions. Consultation or the retention of external solutions can be quite helpful. If you haven’t looked into such professional options, it may be worth your while to do so.

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