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Should I hire a moving company in Sharjah or move by myself?

Moving house furniture and other household items in Sharjah isn’t easy if you are doing it by yourself. Check the below benefits of hiring a moving and moving by yourself as well. If you have just a single item to move then it’s better to move it by your car. But if it’s a full house of furniture and home appliances then you have to hire professional movers and packers in Sharjah to help you.

You can’t move a large number of house items via your personal car. In this case, the moving company is the only solution.

Benefits of hiring a moving company

There are some types of moving services but if the items are not carried by yourself then calling a moving company is the best choice for you. The moving company has a professional and well-trained team for this. 

They have boxed covered vehicles and all tools which are essential for moving a house or office. If you have many items and planning to move by yourself so make sure that it’s a wrong decision if you don’t know how to dismantle and pack the furniture and home appliances.

Let’s see the benefits of hiring a professional moving company

  • Items Safety (no scratch or break damage)
  • Proper dismantling, packing, and fixing
  • Expert furniture carpenters and helpers team
  • Time-saving
  • Box covered trucks 

You can get a lot of benefits like the above-listed. A company is the only solution for the full house or office moving. Make sure to be aware of freelance moving companies which are not registered. Freelancers don’t have a professional team and they can damage your items even charge you higher.

What do if you have a full-bedroom apartment and a limited budget?

There is one way which can be cheaper for your house items moving. If you have a limited budget and can’t afford the full charges of moving companies. The option is to pack all of your household items by yourself and just hire a moving company only for transportation and loading/unloading.

Buy carton boxes and other packing materials like stretch roll, bubble roll, and clear tape. And start to pack all of your household items like furniture, kitchen items, home appliances, clothes, and other general house things.

Packinghouse items by yourself can help you with your budget. Like moving company will only charge you the transportation and manpower charges but not for the packing and packing materials which are expensive.

Moving by yourself

Moving by yourself can be a wrong decision if you have a full apartment of furniture and appliances. Because you don’t know how to dismantle the furniture and appliances and the packing as well. And if you don’t have the right transportation source like 3 or 4-ton box-covered truck.

In this case, you can damage your expensive items and your car also. But if you have smaller things to move then it’s ok to move by your car like a small bag, carton box, or a single piece of furniture items like a small table or chair.

But you can’t move the big items in your personal car. Buy some boxes and other packing materials by yourself and packing can help you in your budget saving.

How much do movers and packers charge for transportation only without packing?

Movers and packers charge for the full house moving including furniture dismantling, packing, and fixing based on the quantity and the quality of service. But if you need only transportation which is 400 AED within Sharjah and 500 AED from Sharjah to Dubai. Other Emirates charges are based on distance.

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