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Take the decorative style into your home

Patine with old furniture, rugs coming out of the box, old people doing new things … If you want to move the Provence capital style from the south of France to your home decorative, you need to learn the color and texture details at the main point.

The Environment is the inspiration for the type of decorative jewelry, which is popular and loved by many. In a tile that holds comfort as a policy, to add warmth and warmth above, it is important to note that the use of wood tools as natural and white tones. It is possible.

So patties and antique paintings are the best in Provence. In addition, hardwoods, landscaping, and beautifully crafted furniture can help you create decorations in this style. Whether its patina, antique, or solid wood, be careful not to make the furniture sound clear. Because she doesn’t like that kind of beautiful brightness, she likes the brightness.

The perfect pastel

Here are the colors of the palette. In a variety of ways, who loves the tones of the color palette, you should choose blue — its perfect blue, green, powdery pink, yellow, purple, earthy, of heaven.

Whether you use it in your bed or in your living room, your fabrics should look simple. Measles, linen, and herpes are the preservatives for any fabric you want. Embroidered mattresses and bed linen are ideal for your bedroom. Then you can look at your mother or grandmother’s breast.

If you find hand-stitched covers when looking for bedding and bed linen, be sure to use it in your living room. The couch is one of the most important information about clean air and air shading in your bedroom if possible.

You can also choose from color-coded fabrics with white fabrics or stripes. And your windows are one of the most important actors of this genre. Because windows can support this type of tile through curtains or tulle boards. You should never choose thick fabric curtains; you should use one that is comfortable with flowing tulle.

You should use them as simple designs as possible for lamps such as incandescent lamps and permanent appliances. That is why soft and thin tulle should be light. Stone walls should be supported by solid stone or lead-free flooring, preferably paved with carpets.

Colorful kitchen utensils of this type, mirrors should see its place in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. The trick you will never forget is to leave this tile that holds the comfort of living in your home it is always fresh with fresh wildflowers that you place in all corners of your home.

Styles Used in Decoration;

Classic Style:

1- It shows that you like items that come out of a designer’s hands and have good craftsmanship.

2- Citrus colors such as cream, bone, beige are the colors of the classic style.

3- Windows and glitter are also very used in classic style. Or decorative curtains can be used in funds; heavier fabrics such as taffeta can be selected.

Minimalist Style:

1- Minimalist spaces are very open and spacious. It is usually used in white.

2- Not many objects or accessories are used.

3- Lighting can be used as table top, coffee table top or floor lighting. Simple, simple and straight-line models must be selected.

4- Carpets can be selected in a very light and solid color or self-printed colors. It is a style of decoration that is often preferred in furniture decoration.

Country Genre:

1- It consists of large seated and voluminous cushions. It’s a style chosen by those who are comfortable. These seats have natural textures like cotton. It can be a striped, checkered plaid or floral pattern.

2- Very small size carpets can be used. Wood and ceramics can also be used as accessories that complement this.

3- It is more complementary if the wood is used as an old-by-wood method.

4- A straight wrought iron-footed lampshade delight can be used for lighting. Country Style is the preferred method for store decoration and showcase décor.

We can take advantage of some tips when decorating our house.

1- For example, if there is a narrow and cramped space, we can add refreshment to the space by putting up a large mirror.

2- We can choose blue, enamel for a very comfortable place.

3- If the ceiling of the room is low, we can use vertical paint.

4- Dark cabinets should not be selected in kitchens, the entrance of houses should be given importance, if the houses are gardened, the television should not be kept in the foreground, dining tables should not take up much space in the narrow halls, lighting from the ground instead of fluorescent in houses can be used, using yellow light creates a more intimate environment.

5- Doors and windows can also be used sliding in tight spaces.

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