Taxi Services in London Start Offering Day Tours for Tourists After Covid-19

We are happy to report that at last the harrowing effects of Covid-19, disturbing every walk of life are finally fading away. Taxi service in London is preferred way of transportation as it poses less danger of mixing up with other people. Even government authorities are urging people to stay away from public transport to keep themselves and others safe. Taxi services in London has been doing an exemplary job to keep the nation moving. Not only this but they also have been offering day tours for tourists so they can see and enjoy London while keeping themselves safe and sound. Let us remind you that it was not always like that. 

Harrowing Effects of Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic have changed the whole world and its norms in drastic ways. Never in our lifetimes there have ever been such fundamental changes in the way we live, work, communicate, travel or even speak to one another. It was unheard of the way whole countries were forced to shut down every aspect of their people’s lives and how people were told to stay at home to avoid the unwanted consequences. Worldwide economic activities were ground to a halt and roads were abandoned in such a way that pollution index crashed down drastically. The effects of such pandemic were so profound that there is a possibility that AC and BC that were referred as before and after Christ are now defined and before and after Corona. It goes without saying this pandemic affected every walk of life without discriminating and the effects will be felt for years to come. Apart from the economic catastrophes, the tragic toll it took on human life is unimaginable.  There are 140 million reported cases with 30 million reported deaths all around the world. Families were separated from their loved ones and funerals were denied as they deserved. In reality the world would require strong will and ample amount of time to get over the mental and economical scars that this pandemic has left us with. 

Effects of Pandemic on Traveling and Tourism Industry in London

One of the worst affected industry was traveling and tourism industry. Nature of this industry involve masses in close proximity and that was where the risks were at its optimum levels. First to get hit was the air travel as international restrictions were applied once the pandemic was declared by WHO to prevent the spread. Air travel as a consequence was ground to a halt and no one was able to cross borders as they use to before with ease. No government was ready to let its guard down in order to protect their citizens. There was a difference in coping mechanisms between developed and underdeveloped countries as developed countries were able to afford more drastic measures whereas underdeveloped countries were not at the liberty to dispatch such resources at their will. Many national and private airlines went on the brink of bankruptcy and things were not so promising on the national traveling services either.

Rails and bus services were not advisable as it was near impossible to keep the social distancing and chances of getting infected would increase many folds when it came to use the public transport. Only end in sight was that if vaccines were successfully administered to all the population or the herd immunity was made possible. Well, things have improved a little since.

Easing Off Covid Restrictions Within United Kingdom

From the month of April, authorities in United Kingdom deemed it safe to ease off the Covid restrictions within the country which obviously came as a sigh of relief to its frustrated population. In gradual steps the restrictions are being lifted and normal services are being resumed in steps. 

From great shops and buzzing pubs to breath taking attractions, museums and galleries to vast shopping malls are getting back to life. Apart from some of the worst hit countries by the pandemic, air travel is no more restricted and tourists are flowing back to London to enjoy its historic sights.

Taxi services Offering Day Tours

In all seriousness, if a tourist is coming to London to visit sights than it is understood that he certainly would require a mode of transportation to see and enjoy the various historical and beautiful sights that are worth watching. 

Taxi service is the safest mode of transport that can keep you in a bubble of safety while you enjoy the sight-seeing tour and there are plenty of them available when you come to see the historic and mesmerising city such as London.

Places You Must Visit When Planning a Trip to London

Britain’s capital city is a vibrant arts and entertainment centre with centuries old historic sights and significant history old traditions. There is always something happening in this bustling city. 

There are multiple places that you can visit and enjoy. 

Buckingham palace

You can visit the Britain’s most historic building, where changing of guard happens every day and is a sight to behold. This spectacle happens at 11:30 am every day and is a master class in precision marching and military discipline. 

Tower of London

This is another spectacular heritage sight that needs to be visited to understand the rich cultural heritage of this region. It has served as palace, treasure vault to private zoo and explain the rich history of Britain with displays of royal armaments and armour.

British museum

Nothing explains British history more than the finest collections of antiquities and 13 million artifacts from ancient world at the in London. Collected from all over the world, those famous and historical artifacts include Elgin Marbles, Rosetta Stone, Ramesses, Egyptian mummies and Mildenhall Treasure.

House of Parliament

A true representation of British power and grandeur is displayed by the House of parliament that was once called Westminster Palace occupied by William the Conqueror. You can enjoy paid tours of the parliament and take valuable historical information from very knowledgeable guides.

National Gallery

One of the top most art museum in the world, National Gallery in London holds masterpieces from artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Van Gogh and Monet and is a real treat for someone with artistic bones in himself.  

The London Eye

London Eye is Europe’s largest Ferris wheel with spectacular views of the city. Erected at the side of river Thames opposite the House of Parliament, this wheel can take you 443 feet above in the air. 

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This is London’s most famous church and is a marvel of ancient and Gothic architectural techniques. Supporting a breath taking 365 feet dome it shows mesmerising views for the dome’s interior.

Hyde Park

London’s largest park has seen many monumental and inspirational moments in history and provide serene and fresh environment to the concrete jungle called London. 

Natural History Museum

With More than 80 million items showcasing from botany to zoology and every thing that is related to life is on display at this marvel of the place. Guided tours are available and it takes about an hour to complete the tour. 

Your Duties to Protect Yourself as a Tourist 

Although government has eased off the restrictions regarding Covid-19 but you must bear in mind that the pandemic has not finished are you are duty bound for the safety of yourself and others to maintain and practice the precautionary measures set by the authorities. While using the safest mode of transportation such as taxis, you must ensure

  • Washing and sanitizing hands is a must before entering the vehicle
  • Wearing the mask and disposable gloves is compulsory
  • Social distancing to be kept at all times
  • Vehicles to be disinfected after every engagement 
  • Luggage can be disinfected at request
  • Sanitizer to be provided at a convenient place in each vehicle
  • Keep the passengers at minimum to practice social distancing
  • Keep the ventilation points open from multiple places to keep the air fresh

It is beneficial to keep a close eye on latest government instructions regarding Covid-19.

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