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The Best Agile Project Management Software to Use in 2022

The widespread availability of management tools such as agile project management software has disrupted traditional business practices. These sophisticated methodologies have enabled companies across the globe to improve productivity, financial performance, and efficiency, as well as reduce costs. 

Tech-enabled project management methods allow organizations to ensure success and growth for years to come. No matter whether you’re an experienced player or a new entrant, you can’t be successful without leveraging tech tools. That said, let’s take a look at the concept of agile management practices. 

What Is Agile Project Management Software? 

Agile project management is an approach whereby teams can improve efficiency and complete their tasks in a timely manner. Agile project management techniques involve the use of tools and applications to achieve maximum efficiency in minimum duration. Agile is an important concept in software project development. It deviates from purists that try to deliver the project wholly without taking into account the crucial first stages. 

Teams that implement the agile methodology build software in a timely manner. The Agile method puts emphasis on teamwork and fosters collaborative practices between cross-functional teams. Another great thing about the said methodology is that it allows teams to respond to changes quickly and evaluate feedback continuously. That means fewer headaches and clashes for the team members involved in the process. 

Is Agile Project Management Good for an Organization? 

Yes. Agile project management offers tremendous benefits to organizations and employers. Agile project management tools are purposely designed to foster collaboration and harmonize activity. Companies that invest in agile project practices stand out among the competition. However, it should be noted that not every type of project management tool can meet all your requirements. 

Different tools come with different functions and features. The key is to identify that software that not only meets your requirements but also works seamlessly with other tools and gadgets. Therefore, it is imperative to find the right project management tool for your needs. With that said, let’s move on to the next section – which is about the top project management platforms on the internet today. 

What Are the Best Agile Management Tools? 

Technology has made impossible possible. There’s no denying that. Just look at all the robots and machines that are around us. You’re reading this article on a machine – that might be your smartphone or laptop. That point is, without technological advancements, software management tools wouldn’t have been around in the first place. Keep reading to know the best agile project management software. 


Axosoft is one of the best agile management solutions on the market today. It allows users to perform different functionalities such as collaborate on different tasks, as well as create project plans. Another great thing about the said tool is that it offers tremendous benefits for teams and companies alike. Both teams and customers have their separate portals. 

Axosoft comes with a help desk to turn email into support tickets. The availability of a dedicated portal means that customers can interact directly with team members concerned. The best thing about direct communication is that it helps save a lot of time and hassle. Why? Because it connects teams directly with distressed customers. 

Other features include a team wiki, as well as a release planner. The team wiki allows users to share specifics and details regarding different projects. The release planner, on the other hand, allows you to assign tasks or mark them finished (similar to Asana). Another great feature comes in the form of burndown charts. This is where teams can view the progress on their tasks. 

Axosoft At a Glance 

Trial and paid-for versions 

Premium Version with Cloud Support Costs over $100 per month 

Easy to customize 

Allows users to track time 

May be difficult to learn for some users 


Trello software is another great agile project management software. It comes with amazing features. A great thing about Trello is that it is a household name in the agile project management industry. That means many people are already familiar with the tool. The company has also provided its framework for many existing software development and management tools. For example, there are Trello plug-ins for Google Chrome. 

You can drag and drop tasks as well as organized them into lists. Moreover, you can provide additional information using comments or attach notes and documents with the tasks. The utility is designed to seamlessly integrate with other apps such as Dropbox, as well as smart devices. Perhaps the best thing about Trello is that it is mobile friendly. That means, smartphone users will have a great time using this cool agile project management utility. 

Trello at a Glance 

Available in both free and paid-for versions 

Premium version with full functionality costs $9.99 a month 

User-friendly interface 

Comes with a versatile set of project management tools 

Comments can’t be edited 

Pivotal Tracker 

When it comes to transparency, nothing matches the greatness that is Pivotal Tracker. This is one the main reasons behind the app getting solid agile project management software reviews. The app lets you keep a track record of tasks from start to finish. Moreover, you can conceptualize each task as a story. Another great thing about this tool is that it lets you rank tasks according to their level of complexity. 

The software comes with a tracking feature and a dashboard utility to name a few. Another great thing about Pivotal tracker is that it allows users to view completed tasks in real time. Moreover, it can integrate with dozens of apps on your smart device. However, this app doesn’t score well on the flexibility scale compared to other management tools. 

Pivotal Tracker at a Glance 

Best for transparency 

Comes with a trial version for beginners 

Paid-for version starts at $10 per month 

File sharing 

Drag-and-drop feature 


These were some of the most sought-after agile project management tools. It is advisable to read the guidelines on agile project management before utilizing these applications. Understand the needs of your business and your customers and you’ll make it big. 

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