The Best Tip Ever to Send Fax from Personal PC 2021

A fax machine is used by the majority of businesses to submit documents. It is essential to create a connection with any online community for the purpose of sending faxes before starting any company. Window 10 can now be used to start a company.

Many online faxing services have made it simple for new business owners to get started. They can use all of these services to keep in touch with other businesses. To prevent any misunderstanding, we have provided users with the best of all online faxing services, along with all of their features.

CocoFax: Transfer Fax from the PC

CocoFax is an application that was created with the aim of transforming the burden of fax transmission into something useful and simple. The following text is a step-by-step guide to faxing. Visit GoogleFaxFree and look at the fax service for windows 10 guide there to learn what you need to know about faxing in Windows 10. GoogleFaxFree is the best place to learn about modern faxing methods and how to use them.

CocoFax is a useful tool that can solve all of the problems you’ve had with faxing in the past. This program is everything you’ll need for a simple fax transfer.

The best part about this program is that it eliminates the need for you to invest your time and valuable documents in the fax transmission. CocoFax encourages you to use the digital network to send your fax to the other device in less than a millisecond. All of Google Fax Free’s benefits are designed to make it easier for customers to use the service.

What is CocoFax’s method for turning a PC into a fax machine?

CocoFax is a web-based faxing application that can be accessed from any web browser. It can be used to link digital and analog interfaces. Working with CocoFax does not necessitate the use of specialized technical expertise or the payment of repair fees. 

Create a CocoFax account.

A fast internet connection is a requirement. After that, go to and create an account on the official site. CocoFax offers a one-month free trial of its services with no strings attached.

Free Fax Number:

A fax number is now required to send and receive faxes from all over the world. During the subscription process, the first step is to choose a free fax number from any group. As your active fax number, you can choose from a toll-free number, a vanity number, or a local fax number.

This fax number will be used by the sender to deliver the faxes. If you want to keep using this amount after the month is over, you must pay the monthly costs. To synchronize the email account with the CocoFax account, enter the first and last name, as well as the email address, in the next window.

You can also use the email to fax and fax to email services when you use CocoFax. This has made faxing more convenient by sending faxes directly from the account as if they were emails.

From the CocoFax dashboard, you can send faxes:

The CocoFax dashboard will open once the registration is complete. If you want to submit the fax, go to the top left corner and choose “new fax.” A new window will pop up with several blank fields. To draft the fax, fill in the necessary fields.

To the field:

The fax number of the person to whom you are sending the fax must be entered here. This number is crucial because if there is a mistake in it, the fax will not be sent to the intended recipient.

Subject: This field is optional. You can type the fax’s title here.

Body: You don’t have to fill in this area either. You may leave it blank or fill it in with the fax’s description and contact details.

Attach your File: Append the file you want to fax as the final phase in the fax writing process. CocoFax will help you save time by eliminating the need to print papers. You can easily connect multiple files in various formats to this page. CocoFax can combine the faxes and deliver them as a single document.

Send the fax: Check it once before sending it, and if you’re pleased, press the send button. The fax will be delivered to the recipient in a flash. The fax will be sent successfully as long as the internet connection is secure and the fax number is right.

If a fax machine is used on the receiving end, make sure it is operational at the time the fax is sent. CocoFax has a built-in function that notifies the sender when the fax has been sent successfully.

Receiving the fax through CocoFax dashboard as follows:

CocoFax is much superior to the old fax machine for processing faxes because it does not need to be turned on all the time. Even if the device is turned off, CocoFax app will receive faxes. It won’t miss any faxes and will keep all of them in your email.

You have complete freedom to read them whenever you want. CocoFax has a lot of storage space. The stored faxes are accessible for as long as the CocoFax account is active.

Sending faxes through CocoFax using your email account

The email address has been integrated into the CocoFax dashboard. After signing into your email account, click the “send new fax” option to send a fax directly from your email account. A new template will be shown.

Fill out the field in the same way as before, with one exception. You must type the fax number followed by in the “To” area, for example, if the fax number is 123456, you must type After you’ve finished the process by attaching the file, click the send button, and you’ll get an email in your inbox almost immediately telling you that the delivery was effective.


The text above explains that this must be used and applied in nearly all types of work involving the sending or receiving of faxes. CocoFax is a powerful programme that allows you to quickly send faxes to a device from your own computer.

CocoFax can also be used on a mobile device, allowing you to submit faxes with the touch of a finger. Nothing compares to CocoFax when it comes to sending or receiving faxes online!

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