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The Wisdom of C Language

Have you ever wondered which programming language your OS is written in? Be it Mac OS, Windows, or even Unix, and it’s the mother of all other languages, ‘C’.

During the late 1960s, Dennis Ritchie wanted to develop a general-purpose language for use with the Unix Operating system. C got developed at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie himself. We all have been taught in our kindergarten days that C comes after B, but would you believe me if I say that’s also the same reason for naming C language as ‘C’.

Yeah! C got its name as C because it is the successor of another programming language called ‘B’, but why did programmers want to move to another language? The language ‘B’ could not be utilized to the fullest due to its slow speed. C was designed to overcome all the drawbacks of ‘B’. Today Mac relies on C, Windows relies on C, and isn’t that enough to prove C supports cross-platform programming? Yeah, it is!. 

In today’s world, we have a plethora of programming languages floating around human brains. We might have exposed many young and trending programming languages, but the C Language In Hindi language has never lost its place to any other language. There are, of course, as many reasons for its success.

Cin hindi is still the widely-used programming language for designing software that interacts with the computer hardware and runs the applications. C language in hindi is hailed for its portability which makes it possible and convenient to use it on a variety of computer bases. C, as already discussed, interacts with the computer hardware to run the applications, which leads one to think of a real-world application of C, the embedded world!. Many innovations are happening in this world every second, and embedded systems play a major part in solving real-world problems striving to better humanity. Embedded systems, as we can guess from the name, have to use some language that interacts with the hardware well to perform a task and software instructions. Hence, C programming in Hindi is used! The most popular microcontroller ‘Arduino’ makes use of the C language to develop purposeful devices. 

C also has contributed to the development of many GUI applications which are used widely today. Some of the most used software for editing purposes today are Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro created using C language. Isn’t it interesting to know that these GUI applications, which fantasize many teens and young people across this world, are built using one of the oldest programming languages?

Two of the most widely used browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, are built using C language. The Most popular Relational Database Management System MySQL of Oracle, is developed with the help of C. C may not only be considered as the mother of applications but can also be stated as the mother of all other modern languages. Many of the languages we use today have their root implications written in C. C also has its applications in various other streams such as compiler design, gaming, and animations.

It would be surprising to know that most of the applications we use today have their concrete structure built with C Language in Hindi. Considering some of C’s basic technical aspects, It’s highly deployed all time because of its advantages over other modern programming languages. C is regarded as one of the most flexible programming languages; you would just need to use a few libraries and data types to solve real-world problems by designing functions. Efficiency is considered as the key that increases the longevity of any programming language, and when it comes to C, we know that in the 1970s, C was widely used to build system software; 50 years are over now. Still, C is the widely-used programming language for developing system software; well, it proves the efficiency for which people rely on C Language In Hindi, doesn’t it?. 

Modularity, Portability, Dynamic Resource usage, and there are many more reasons to prefer C. As we all know, C is a procedure-oriented language. Still, it also paved the way for C++, including both procedures and object-oriented features.

The Average pay scale of a C programmer in India for a fresher is around eight lakhs/annum, whereas, in the United States, it is 70000 dollars/annum. There are various career options in C programming, such as Quality Analyst, Embedded Engineer, Database Developer, Backend Developer, Computational Biologist, and many more. The C language’s future longevity can be predicted by the fact that still now, C programming language in hindi is the language on which most of the embedded systems, hardware, and operating systems rely on and that guarantees one a bright future provided they are good in C. 

There are a lot of companies around the world that desperately look for skilful C programmers. Some companies include Intel, the world’s largest processor manufacturing company, Nvidia, the world’s largest graphic processing unit manufacturing firm. Nokia, Samsung, IBM, Oracle, and a lot more. 

Do you want to start your career in any of the above mentioned companies? Start learning right now at great The language shall never be a barrier to stop you from learning. In the end, it’s the knowledge you possess that yields the reward for you. The comfort of learning a computer language in your native language is a cherry on the cake feel, isn’t it?. Great learning offers a C programming course in Hindi, which would be the right kick start for your career. First, you can access the course via this link C Programming in Hindi which is completely free of cost, and you’ll receive a certificate of completion from the great learning academy on successful completion of the course, which would be an added advantage to your resume. 

“Google relies on C, Apple relies on C, 

When are you gonna start learning?”

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