Things to Avoid in Your Website Design

The design of websites takes technological understanding but it is also almost an art form. You need a
website designer who can listen to what your business is about and what you want and envision, and
turn that into something that is visually impactful, but is also practical and designed well for users to
navigate. As tempting as it might be it is not a great idea to just copy the competition, even if they are
at the top of their game. Your website should work for you and it should be specific to your goals.
Sites that do this do not rank well in SEO (search engine optimization) and get low levels of traffic.
When you look for website design in Toms River keep that in mind. Here are some other things to
think about for your website to be more successful.
Tables making the page layout too complicated
Tables on web pages make it overly complicated since most tables for layout use things like nested
tables, rowspan and colspan. The actual designing of the tables is not so bad but maintaining them and
the site is harder. It also affects how easy the information is to read especially if the table is nested on
the website. With CSS tables are a bit easier but HTML 4.01 does not allow them and 5.0 suggests
avoiding them in web page layout. Tables can also have a negative impact on the page’s SEO and they
can make loading take longer, which puts off people. Look for an expert in website design in Brick
who considers this.
The infinite scroll is not for every site
There is no doubt that infinite scrolling is a popular feature and used a lot, particularly by those with
e-commerce sites, but it should not be used for every site. The website design in Brick needs to take
into account what the goal of the website is. If the structure of the content is flat and it is going to be
streamed continuously then infinite scrolling has its uses. However, if the site is there to help people to
find something specific, or to be able to compare options, the infinite scrolling makes the user
experience worse. A never-ending page of information can be overwhelming and lead to lower
conversion rates.
Be wary of parallax scrolling
In general parallax scrolling is positive and creates loyal users but it does come with a few issues any
designer should consider. It can have an impact on your search engine optimization or SEO ranking. If
your main goal with your website is to get relevant keyword searches landing you on that first page,
ranked high, then parallax scrolling might not be a good idea. This is just if the website has
infographics, as Google cannot read it. The answer is for the website design in Toms River to convert
the image content into text that Google and other search engines can read. Another issue with parallax
pages is that they can sometimes take longer to load.


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