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This Is How to Use a Water Pipe the Right Way

Water pipes are one of the oldest and most popular ways to smoke. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are made from many different materials like glass, acrylic, and ceramic.

Some are beautiful pieces of blown glass artwork, while others are simple bubblers meant for function rather than beauty. There are so many ways to smoke. You can roll joints and blunts. Some prefer a dug-out or a bowl.

You’re interested, but you want to know how to use a water pipe.

There’s no right way to smoke. If you’ve never used a water pipe for a clean, cool smoke, you should give it a try. Read on to learn more about water pipes and how to use them.

Types of Water Pipes

Not all water pipes are the same. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. The main materials used to make water pipes are glass, ceramic, metal, acrylic, and silicone.

Though they’re not as common, you’ll find water pipes made from wood and bamboo.

While metal bongs are durable and cheap, they produce a harsher smoking experience. Though glass is beautiful and provides a clean smoke, there are few things sadder than watching your glass piece fall off a countertop and shatter.

Finding the right type of water pipe is all about finding the right combination of function and performance for you.

These materials make up four main types of water pipes you should know.

Straight-Tube Pipes

These are the most common design you’ll see. They feature a straight tube of blown glass or another material that runs from the mouthpiece to the base.

The bowl and stem are near the base, with enough room for an added percolator or ice pack.

If you’re going to use a water pipe, these large and simple pipes are great for beginners.

Percolator Pipes

These pipes are a bit more complicated than a straight-tube pipe. They are still easy to use. They also provide a cool, clean smoke.

These percolators within the pipe act like a filter to cool the smoke passing through the chamber. They do this by creating bubbles in the water every time you take a pull. These bubbles provide a larger surface area for your smoke to cool.


These are miniature water pipes designed for a smoker on the go. These smaller pipes combine the great smoking experience of a water pipe with the convenience of a one-hitter or a bowl.

You may wonder if there’s a difference in how to use a small water pipe and a larger one. There isn’t. Use these the same way you use a larger one anywhere you take it.

Dab Rig Pipe

Dabs are fast becoming one of the most popular smoking products. Dabs are high concentration extractions of THC and other cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. These potent waxes and oils are then heated and inhaled.

It’s traditional for dabs to be heated and then inhaled through a small rig. A dab rig pipe combines the high concentration of dabbing with the smooth experience of a water pipe.

These pipes tend to be on the expensive side as they are made from glass and are formed with intricate pieces designed to recycle and cool the smoke.

Using a Water Pipe

Now that you know more about the different water pipe types and materials, it’s time to learn how to use one. It’s not rocket science, but follow these steps to get the most pleasurable experience when you use a water pipe.

Get Your Supplies

To use your pipe, first, gather everything you’ll need. You’ll need the flower you like to smoke, the pipe, the bowl piece for the pipe, a grinder, and a lighter.

During this step, grind the amount of flower you want to smoke and set it aside.

Fill Your Pipe

After you’ve ground your flower, remove the bowl piece from the pipe and set it aside. Then fill your pipe with water through the down stem. Fill it about a quarter of the way up or until there’s enough to cover your percolators.

This is the step where you can add ice cubes to the chamber if you want that cooling effect. After you’ve filled, temporarily place the bowl piece back into the pipe and take a few practice hits to measure the water level.

If the water reaches your lips when you take a hit, empty some.

Pack the Bowl

Take the ground flower you set aside and pack your bowl piece. Once you’ve packed enough flower, slide the piece back into the pipe.

You’re now ready to smoke.


Place your mouth in the water pipe’s mouthpiece. After you do that, take your lighter and light the flower in the bowl. As you light it, inhale the smoke that’s produced. As you inhale, the water in the base bubbles.

Make sure not to inhale too fast if you’re a first time user. Water pipes produce big hits. If you have low tolerance, this is enough smoke at one time to send you to the moon.

Remove the Bowl

After you’ve lit and started to inhale, remove the bowl piece from the pipe.

It’s important to remove the bowl as you smoke to clear out all the remaining smoke within the pipe’s chamber. Once you’ve completed this step, exhale, and enjoy.

How to Use a Water Pipe

People have used water pipes to smoke for centuries now. They continue to do so. Why? Because these pipes provide one of the cleanest, coolest, and most pleasurable smoking experiences around.

If you’ve never used a water pipe before, what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to use a water pipe, you need to invest in one from a trusted retailer. Once you do, you’ll never want to smoke another way.

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