Tips for saving money while buying groceries

Not only the price of petroleum but also edibles is increasing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it is high time that you should start thinking of ways to save money, especially on the products that you regularly need to purchase, as it is not a one-time thing, like groceries. So, there should be a way so that you can reduce your expenditure.

Well, you don’t need to worry as you are in the right place if you want to save money. This post will discuss some of the tips that will help you be a smarter shopper and save some money for the future.

  • Plan the shopping 

It may sound too much, but if you want to save money, the first thing that you should do is to make a strategy and prepare in advance how you will shop. To be honest, most of the money is wasted on junk food, not even the main course meal if you head to the grocery store without any plan. 

Better plan the week’s menu and buy the groceries accordingly. This way, you will not have to stop by the grocery store in the mid-week to buy something, even though it is just some small stuff. This small and unplanned stuff mount up as big expenditure by the month-end. 

  • Buy the fruits and vegetables produced in season

Just because nowadays, even the unseasonal fruits are available throughout the year in shopping malls in Illinois, that does not mean that they are cheap. On the contrary, when you compare the price of seasonal fruit with the unseasonal ones, you will find that the unseasonal fruit is more expensive, and greater taxes are imposed as they are being made available throughout the year.

Better buy affordable produced in-season fruits, as they are not only cheap but also healthier.

  • Use no-frills flyers

If you are in Canada, then you must check out the no-frills flyer before you step out to buy groceries as you will find all the updates about the ongoing deals, discounts, and sales in various stores only at the  No Frills flyer in Canada and thus you can head to the grocery store which is offering the best deal.

  • Buy canned or frozen food ingredients. 

If you like to create new recipes, you must know how expensive it can be to collect various large jars of ingredients, and you may require just a little bit of it. Try to pick canned or frozen ingredients as they are less expensive than fresh one. 

You can also look out for the no-frills flyers if you can find any great deal, and thus, you can save money.


So, these are just a few tricks to prevent a hole in your wallet. Apart from the tricks mentioned above, you can always rely on no-frills flyer Edmonton in order to find out about the latest ongoing sales, offers, and deals. So, what are you waiting for? 

Admit it, you’ve more than often walked into a supermarket and walked out with more groceries than you’d set out to buy. We’ve all done it at some point or the other – bought asparagus without knowing what to do with it, let an avocado or two rot in the fridge, and hoarded on sauces and relishes we only remembered after they had touched their expiry date. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, about 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year! This should definitely be reason enough for us to try and make an effort to minimise waste and make informed food choices.This is where grocery-shopping tips come handy, especially the ones that also save us money.

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