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Tips to make your anniversary celebration even more special!

One individual celebrates various occasions per year but only a few of them hold a great value in his life. Your wedding anniversary is indeed one of the most important occasions in your life that deserves to be celebrated in the best way possible. Want to make your celebration even better? Here are a few tips to make your anniversary celebration even more special:

1.  Get them a gift

Ask yourself a question- “would you feel happy if your significant other got you a gift?”. Yes, right? Well, keep the spirit of that amazing feeling alive and get your partner a heartfelt gift that they will cherish for a lifetime! For better effect, customized gifts from Oye Happy can go a long way. Gifts are more often the simplest and most effective way of expressing the undying love you have for that special person. Make your anniversary celebration even more special with a beautiful anniversary gift online from Oye Happy, and watch your loved one glow with happiness.

2.  Go on a trip!

While anniversaries do come every year, it is our duty to make them even more special with every year that comes by! This year surprise your loved one with a well needed vacation on this special occasion and win their heart all over again. Book a trip to their favourite destination, or some place that holds a huge significance in your life and in your relationship, and celebrate your bond to the fullest with a scenic view in the background!

3.  Go on a trip down the memory lane

Anniversaries are all about taking a pause from your regular life and admiring the bond you and your significant other have nurtured for the past year and more. Special occasions like these are all about reminiscing in the beautiful memories you’ve made together and making promises that you intend to keep. This year, surprise your loved ones with the memories you two have made over the years in the form of a video message, or a collage like the one available at Oye Happy, or any mosaic art. Anything that will surely leave a beautiful impression on their heart that they won’t be able to forget for a long time!

4.  Cook their favourite dish!

It is not an unknown fact that “the way to a person’s heart goes through their stomach”. Want to touch your partner’s heart? Cook them a meal they cannot resist! The idea behind this idea is not just to show off the masterchef in you, but also portray your attention to detail and the love and care you have for your favourite person in the world. So this year, make the kitchen your workstation for the day and cook them the best version of their favourite dish that will melt their heart for sure!

5.  Renew your vows

On your wedding day, you must have promised some things to each other that you’ve tried your hardest to keep up with over the years. Truth is, with time we understand and reveal many aspects and elements about ourselves that were not known before. Ambitions change, perspectives change. This year makes your wedding anniversary even more special with a new set of vows that will liven the spirits of your beautiful marriage all over again. Bring back that spark with the new vows and make new memories with new promises and new beginnings.

Celebrations are all about living in the moment and making memories for a lifetime.  Use these tips to your advantage and celebrate your bond with that special person in the most special way!

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