Top Five Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Solar Panels

We all know that solar energy is one of the best sustainable sources of energy. With the ability to power the entire buildings and successfully allow the fulfilment of daily tasks, it is one such renewable form of energy that a lot of homeowners and business people are indulging into these days.

One expert in Solar Panels Sydney states that being green is now in the public consciousness, and installing solar panels are a great option for all the environmental-conscious people. Not only is this choice of step beneficial for the nature, but also for reducing the use of fossil fuel, further saving on energy consumption and bills.

However, equipping your residential as well as commercial properties with solar panels may not come easy. They need not necessarily work under all weather conditions, and some factors can drastically impact their level of efficiency. So, you may need the help of following tips to keep their performance intact –

  1. Buy After Proper Research

To ensure the robust and long-lasting performance of a solar panel, it is important to make an informed decision in the first place. When making a purchase, shop for upgraded and newer models – that way, you get the best deal for your money and enjoy a great output from the system.

  • Avoid Shaded Area

Other than cloudy skies, your roof shade is also a reason for blockage of all the goodness and power from the sun. However, heavy clouds result in lesser electricity secretion from the panels but do not block the sunlight entirely. The real and harmful shades are huge trees and other obstacles such as chimneys and vents. So, remove them if possible or at least trim the high-rising branches.

  • Use a Solar Concentrator

Solar concentrators help absorb sunlight falling on large areas and concentrate to smaller ones with the assistance of a mirror or optical equipment directly facing the sun. It works the same as a magnifying lens used to focus the sun’s rays on a piece of paper and start up a fire. With solar concentrators, one can boost the overall efficiency and also save money on utility bills.

  • Install a Solar Battery

Solar batteries are similar to other battery systems that allow you to accumulate all the solar power during the day and store it for the later use. Equipment like solar umbrellas and solar lamps available easily in the market fulfils your electricity needs without crashing your budget. The best advantage of having to invest in it is that you never run out of power, even during a blackout.

  • Remove Away Any Congestion

Dust and dirt that comes along with the wind congest the solar panels. They keep building up over time and clog the solar cells in a way that they absorb little to no light. As a result, there can be a severe drop in the efficiency level of the panels. But, one can easily prevent that with regular cleaning. You can either use a soapy solution to clear out the dust or take a professional’s help. The frequency of solar panel cleaning isn’t standard as it mainly depends upon the power output.


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