Top ready to go platforms for Real Estate Businesses

We live in a digital obsessed world where technology and Real Estate plays the pivotal role in our lives. While every industry has been witnessing the advancements, real estate is amongest the top industries which are benefited from the digital transformation. How will the real estate companies find the right solutions for their property listing websites and personalized mobile apps?

To bring the right option, here is a list of best property management tools and ready to go solutions to let you find the right option for your real estate business.

Top Real Estate Management Platforms to level up your business

Property management covers up a huge chunk of an average property manager. While a smart property management platform can help you devote your time and energy on what’s exactly required. 

Using technology to aid your real estate business can significantly help you manage properties and communicate with potential clients. You can explore different avenues online if you need assistance in handling various real estate properties and transactions.

Here’s a list to help you choose the right platform-


BidHom is a ready to go real estate management platform bringing the top-notch solutions for auctioneers, auction houses and realtors. The platform isn’t just a quick remedy to let your real estate website go live in minutes but also, a complete management platform providing tailored solutions to get an all new real estate experience. The platform is your digital hub to list properties, manage buying and selling and providing intelligent solutions get the complete process synchronized. The platform includes some exciting features like Process Automation, Responsive & Optimization, Innovative CRM, Sales Management and a lot more. This’ll be ideal for you if you’re handling multiple transactions because you won’t need to go back and forth with various applications just to complete a task. Try BidHom for an innovative approach to complete property management.


This platform is great for managing any property irrespective of its size property portfolio. The platform comes in with an array of tools making life easier and better right from built in tenant screening reports, a suite of marketing tools and numerous account management features at a competitive pricing system to refer. 

If you’re handling real estate that requires you to monitor and look for tenants or keep in contact with the previous landlords of the properties you manage, then using Avail is ideal. Its system has a feature that automatically provides updates on tenant payments and property upkeep.

Property Manager Cloud

Recognized as the best possible platform for the property managers with a variety of properties in their portfolio. Property manager cloud offers a free 60 day imoji  trial so you have nothing to lose by exploring its features. the platform comes with an online leasing system that translates well to the paper backups, and allows a person to interact with their tenants completely inside the system while keeping records of everything in between.

It also includes a portal where tenants can settle and track their payments or requests for property maintenance. This makes it easy for a property manager to supervise any late settlements from a resident.

Turbo Tenant

If you’re in the business of buying and selling properties choose Turbo Tenant. It’s a great platform that will let a property manager to list multiple properties and market them for free. With a 5 starrating, TurboTenant is a great platform for property managers looking for a comprehensive marketing solution.

Business management isn’t a piece of cake, if you don’t have the perfect organizational skills, it can be quite hard to keep your business in line. Once you grow your business, it’ll be much more challenging to track all your transactions and meet deadlines. Thus, it’s helpful to use an online tool that will aid you in managing your business operations.

May it be the paperless systems or would rather be keeping your hard copies of the stack of document, a great administration is the key to keep your work hassle free. Here’s the list of some of the best picks for your great administrative software.

Preapproved Renter

Getting in line the ability to organize rental applications logically and screen prospective tenants with a click of a button. It conducts background checks as soon as it receives an application to see if the applicant is a suitable tenant in one of the properties you’re handling. 

This tool can make your front-end work quick and convenient and let you manage the system easily.

Ascensio System OnlyOffice

Going paperless is the new normal! It’s environment friendly and quite easy to maintain. With the help of this platform the property manager can get online storage, solid apps for document filing and organization, word processing skills and options for online collaboration. This smart and easy to manage software offers multiple options in the administrative real estate.

Google Calendar

This platform doesn’t require an introduction, being a household name Google Calendar is a great tool that can be used without paying a penny. The platform allows some great features including scheduling meetings, open doors for collaborations, set recurring reminders and manage multiple calendars with this popular cloud-based scheduling tool. Using this platform will prevent you from missing deadlines or forgetting to get back to a client, helping you maintain your business’ reputation to your customers.

The Bottom Line

A intelligent property management programme enables property managers, tenants and real estate practitioners to track leases, occupants and maintenance activities, and to collect rents and handle rentals.finances in order to reduce the extra costings and streamlining operations. Though there are other possible platforms for leveling up the real estate game and your real estate business, analyze and choose the best!All a real estate business requires is complete property management, having an administrative solution than you can rely on round the clock and finally, figuring out more possible ways to move properties fast when you require to. The ever-evolving digital age has brought new tools that can make your much easier than ever. Reach the best presented resources mentioned above and choose the right real estate software company for your real estate business.

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