How to use Best testimonials for your Online Marketing actions

What are consumers saying about your brand? If you are one of those with happy customers , learn how to use their testimonials to increase the effectiveness of your online actions.

The battle in the world of Marketing is extremely tough. Day by day you must compete even against yourself in search of optimizing your strategies, differentiating yourself from other brands and building a reputation that increases the credibility of your company and allows you to build a bond of trust with consumers . It’s too much, right?

Well, an excellent technique to achieve all that seems impossible, you have it in front of your eyes, very close to you: your own clients . What better advertisement than word of mouth from those who have already tried the product or experienced the service?

The truth is that customer testimonials are the best cover letters for your company and one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. Still not convinced of that? Then let us explain why they are so important to your  Marketing strategy .

How to build an effective testimonial

Not all testimonials are helpful and build credibility. Continuous and pure praise, that is, not including both sides of the coin, will not attract the reader’s attention or inspire confidence. To build a testimonial use that produces results you must take into account some aspects. 

Provide real data

Include the name and company of the person who gave you their testimonial. If your company is B2B , choose your clients within the sector. This will give you the support you need to increase the prestige of your brand. Remember! To display the testimonial, you must have the consent of your client.

Include photos or videos

Use high-quality images in  which the person’s face is clearly visible. Also, you can present the testimonials in video format where users tell their experience with your product.

Describe a specific benefit

Ask your customers to explain how what you offer brought them some benefit or solved a problem. It is not the same to say: “This product is great” than to affirm “Since I have used it, my company’s sales have increased by 30% and costs have decreased by up to 15%.”

Display objections

A good way to give your client testimonials credibility is to include the obstacles or problems they had before hiring you . You can even show the objections they had with respect to your product and that when they bought it they could refute. To do this, make a list of objections that your prospects might have, and look for testimonials that clarify each one of them.

Creative ways to get testimonials from your clients

If you have done your job well collecting opinions, it will not be a problem for you. A satisfied customer is a happy customer . And the happier they are, the easier it will be for them to develop loyalty to your Brand .

The best way to encourage your users to give you their testimonial is to show how important they are to you and to strengthen your commitment to them, offering them more and more reasons to be happy with your brand.

One recommendation: when requesting testimonials, it is not a good idea to offer something in return as an incentive. This gesture can be taken as a form of payment and only detracts from credibility, in addition to damaging your reputation. It becomes very evident when a company has paid someone, even actors, to speak well of it.

If that commitment is genuine and your company behaves well with its customers, they will have no problem providing it to you. It may even come from themselves recommending your product or flattering your brand. Your goal then, will be to try to make that happy customer feel special and share their opinion with others .

To do this, use all the communication channels of your brand and try to create spaces where they can comment, participate and interact with others.

Take advantage of social networks

It is well known that social platforms are used by consumers as communication channels with brands , through which they express their queries, complaints, criticisms and compliments. If any of your clients have used social networks to highlight a positive aspect of your company , share it and let everyone know!

Ask them for a review

Contact your happiest customers and ask them to write a short review about your service and / or product. What is the best time to do it? As soon as you have closed a sale with a client who has been more than satisfied with your attention and the quality of your product.

You can contact them directly (by phone or in person) to ask, or if you have a virtual store , you can use tools -such as Yotpo- that allow you to request reviews from your customers within your Website , and then present them right next to the image of your product. In this way your prospects can read it while they are making the purchase decision.

Send an Email Marketing Campaign

What better way to ask them directly what they think of your company? For this you can use Email Marketing and send a Form to all your clients in an easy, attractive, personalized, fast and economic way.

It is important that you include the fields of Name, Surname, City and Position and then ask for his testimony. Make sure it’s easy to complete and doesn’t take too long. Explain why it is important for them to do so and what you will do with that information. Also remember that you need to ask for their consent in order to share their testimony.

At the time of sending you must Segment your Campaign . Create a specific Segment to which you will send this shipment. Include only those clients you are interested in getting their testimonial from.

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