War Of Formats, PDF Vs. Word

While sharing the information you might have wondered for once like should you go for PDF format or word file. Though both of the formats have their pros and cons they both offer convenience at so many levels. Though it is possible to convert pdf to word once you got it in a pdf format or you can convert word into pdf format but again the question remains the same? Which format is superior? Here is what do you need to know.

The PDF Format

Portable document format or pdf, in general, is known to be convenient to share information at a fast pace. It supports a large number of devices and has been adopted by a large number of businesses. It is best for

Sharing Content Online

Sharing files online has never been so easy with the pdf format. A huge number of the website provide information such as contact lists, price list and alike as a pdf file. Users can then convert pdf to doc and enjoy. Also, PDF file format isnt just compact but the content looks the same on any device and platform.

Size of File

One of the major advantages of PDF file is that it is the best formats that have a compact size. You can check the before and after size of pdf file after using pdf to word converter free and it would be much lesser than the word file with images. This is because the pdf file combines the other elements and compresses them then makes a single file. Having a small file size is best when sharing documents through email and users can then convert pdf to editable word for their convenience.

Best Security

Perhaps one of the best features of the pdf file format is its security, Unlike word documents, the content of the pdf file will be secured because it isnt directly editable. You can even enhance the protection by adding a password. By using the pdf to word converter online from a reputed platform like FacePdf, not only you can convert pdf to doc file but you can also disable the editing feature that will make pdf read-only.

Word Documents Are Good For

On the other hands, the word document has its own set of features such as

Easy Data Extraction

It is much easier to take all of the data in the doc file and reuse it. The data will be independent, unlike the pdf file. All you need is to convert pdf to a word document and the data will be there to be extracted which is impossible in the pdf file.

Easy Formatting

The word file is designed to add and edit the data directly and offers great features to edit the word. Once you use pdf to word converter online free you can edit word file hassle-free. However, pdf editing requires different software without that, it won’t be easier to convert the data.

Who Wins?

So who wins? The answer is simple and it both. Because both have their pros and cons but it is up to the users what do they want. If they want ease then they just need to know how to convert pdf to a word document or they can work with pdf documents.

Murtaza Ali

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