What Are Different B2B Analytics Tools?

If you have a website for your business, you will at some point gather interest in being able to understand what your website is doing.

Whether that is as a store or for general awareness to make contact with prospects or clients. 

If you are trading B2B (business-to-business), you will of course be driving traffic to your website with the intention to trade or start the process of making trade.  

But how do you know how many visitors you are getting to your website each day, week or month?

Depending on your CSM (content management system), – the platform which you used to build your website, blog or store, you will have a variety of access to website analytics. 

WordPress, the world’s most popular solution for blogging and site creation, uses basic integrated stats counters. The Jetpack plugin is available and includes multi-functional website features for security, optimisation and speed. 

But depending on the site builder you are using, the most popular analytics tool is provided by Google. This can be added to your website back-end via tracking code within the header and overviews all website activities in real-time dashboard. 

Google Analytics can be utilised as simply or more complex as your needs require. 

As a business owner you will be keen to know how many unique visitors your website gets. But from a marketing and analysis perspective, you will want to see a deeper level of information.

The specific pages, the time spent on the pages, where the traffic came from and the conversions from the page. Google Analytics can support all of this when optimised to-do-so. 

Many B2B marketers will be satisfied with this level of data visualisation. But there are alternatives to Google Analytics which can give your business a more specific insight.

Website Visitor Tracking

This is a software which can identify website visitors by Static IP Address. It is for marketing departments to generate leads for the sales members. Identify website visitors and receive the contact details for building an incredibly qualified pipeline of warm leads and sales opportunities.

It follows the process of target audience, traffic, identification and follow up accordingly. 

Digital Experiences

Digital experience tools are developed to enhance context for specific pages by showing you what is happening in a literal way. It is a recording of website sessions for you to re-watch and evaluate the journey and actions.

Website Optimisation Analytics

Tools for optimising in-line with your conversion rate. It is an analysis of the basic funnel highlighting the blocking points of the visitor flow. This allows you to react to the issues by amending the content, visual or aesthetic. 

Demographic Data Tools

For B2B marketers, fast and clear understanding of the value of website visitors can be captured through the basic demographics and matching the ideal customer profile of your business. For this you can see the location, by country or even region. The age and gender of visitors. Beyond this the devices and device formats as consumption.

Marketing Analytics 

For reporting on the campaigns which you run as a digital marketer, some confined segments are enough without the vast noise of some traditional analytics software. A simplified report of the source of traffic, and when tagged, the placement and ad content style. This can be compared with the spend to provide transparency for working out a return on the business investment. How much is your traffic costing, and was it worthwhile? Should the campaign be altered or shifted to an area where your audience is more ‘underpriced’.


To conclude it would be likely to say that the website statistics within your website back end are good enough. They are useful for knowing the basic top of funnel context of a website’s performance or value. But it is always worth exploring for the businesses departments the alternative analytics or data insight tools which can assist the granular details to enhance performance across the organisation. 

Many tools will have a free trial or free forever plan so you can establish the value before subscribing or commiting for a longer-period. But the information you need may be out there, so take some time to browse based on your industry niche.  

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