What are the different keyword match types in Google AdWords?

About Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the paid marketing campaign introduced by the Google Search to help the business owners to drive more users to their website from the target search queries. In the Google AdWords, you need to pay to Google for each click that user makes on your ad and lands on your website. It’s based on the Pay Per Click strategy and the cost for the click may vary for keywords.

If you are a beginner in the Google Ads, then you can check out the book written by me, Dinesh Kumar VM about the Google AdWords, which is available on Google Books.  You can learn everything about the Google Ads from this book especially if you are beginner.

Why you need Google Ads for your business?

When you search for any keyword in the Google. Then you can see that as shown in the below image, the first four search results are filled with Google Ads and then followed by the organic search results.

Normal user searching for the terms like “dentist london” obviously will click on any one result from the top 4 search results which is Google Ad results and will land on any one business website.

This doesn’t mean that no one will visit the websites which is ranking organically. But the partial traffic may be directed to the websites which run ads.

Hence if you are new business or already running the business over the years. Then you can try Google Ads to get more potential users to land on your business website from the Google Search.

Keyword Match Types in Google Ads

Usually while starting the Google Ads campaign, you will be targeting the specific keywords for which you need to show the ads for. While you target the keywords, you need to choose the keyword match type for each keywords and based on the match type you chose, your ads will be shown to the normal users in Google.

Here let’s see in detail about the four different types of keyword match types in Google,

  • Broad match
  • Broad match modifier
  • Phrase match
  • Exact match

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Broad Match

Usually each match type in the Google Ads are identified with the Quotes (“”), Plus Sign (+) or with square braces ([]). But for the broad match type, there is no symbol is used. Broad match keywords are just added and no symbols are used. If you use the broad match type, your ads will show for the target terms and also for the synonyms of the target search terms.

For example, when you have added “boys hats” as the broad match keyword. Then your ads will be shown if anyone searches for “mens hats”. Hence there is slight chances for irrelevant traffic if you use broad match keyword type.

Broad match modifier

Broad match modifies keyword is added with the plus sign before the keywords. For example, you can add the target keywords like +boys +hats. If you add the keywords like this as broad match modifier. Then your ads will appear only if the user search query contains the terms which is added as a broad match modifier.

Your ads will also appear if some other extra term appears with the target query. For example, if you add +boys +hats, your ads will appear for the terms like cost of boys hats, buy boys hats, since both the search terms have the terms boys & hats.

So based on the search queries which you are planning to target, you can manipulate the keywords and add it to Google Ads.

Phrase match

As the name suggests, phrase match keywords are added using the double quotes “”. So your ads will be shown to the users only if the users search query contains the exact phrase of the keyword which you are targeting.

For example if you add the keyword to the phrase match as “boys hats”, then your ads will be shown only if the users search contains the exact phrase in it like boys hats cost, how much is boys hats.

So phrase match will make sure that you target the exact search queries and narrow down the audience. This will literally avoid the irrelevant clicks and will help you get clicks for the keywords only which you are targeting.

Exact match

Exact match keywords are added to the Google Ads campaigns within the square braces []. So when the keywords are added as exact match, then your ads will be shown only if the users searches using the exact keyword.

For example, if you add the exact match keyword to the campaign as [boys hats], then your ads will appear only if the user searches for the term boys hats and it will not appear for the terms like boys hats cost, how much is boys hats. So when you add the keywords in exact match, then literally your ads will appear only to the exact same terms. Your ads will not appear for the variations in keywords.

Exact match keyword type is the most recommended type and using the exact match keyword type will help you reduce the number of irrelevant clicks to your ads and will help you get more potential traffic to your ads.

Which keyword type to use to avoid irrelevant clicks?

If you are having a minimum budget and planning to narrow the audience, then you can either use the phrase match or the exact match type. Using these match types for your campaign will reduce the irrelevant clicks and will help you get more potential users to land on your business website. As a business people, you can hire the best PPC Consultants from ClickDo, which is founded by the Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond. At ClickDo, you can find all the digital solutions at one place, right from creating a business website to digital marketing. Hence plan for Google Ads campaign with your business website today an

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