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What are the market prospects of starting an on-demand multi-services app like Gojek?

The demand for convenient services is growing in this digital world as it assists people to get what they need on the go. The influence of on-demand services has taken over almost every business in the market. People will not prefer installing multiple apps on their smartphones. One-app can significantly serve every requirement of customers as it will have the potential of integrating multiple services into it.

What is the function of an on-demand multi-services app like Gojek:

An on-demand multi-services app will house several services on to a standalone platform to offer multiple services. It is a single app encompassing every on-demand service that people rely on. These apps are considered the latest innovation in commercial activities that involve technology-related services. Entrepreneurs can seamlessly integrate eCommerce, food delivery, financial activities, food delivery, and more on a super app like Gojek. Managing every service is a tedious task and so there arises the need for a standalone platform to automate everything.

How to build an app similar to Gojek:

Developing an app like Gojek will be the ideal way to step into this profitable sector. One can easily stumble upon an app development company that provides the same product. It is tedious to find an ideal company that offers a best-in-class product. Here is how you should plan and set up your business:

  • Devise an innovative business plan that includes the features, functionalities, and more.
  • Ensure that you fulfill the legal requirements of your location and have appropriate documents.
  • Look for the requirements of your target customers and integrate them into the app.
  • Start serving for the local customers and focus on laughing a platform
Current pioneers of this industry:

Since the app offers various monetary benefits and establishes a brand effectively. Most of them specialize in a single activity and is aiming to expand their services. Several entrepreneurs have started to disrupt the industry with their customer-built products. People living in Eastern countries will be well aware of the services offered by Gojek. Their magical efficiency has made them a pioneer in this sector.

Gojek app:

Gojek app is from Indonesia and is considered a pioneer of this niche. Customers will be able to avail of food delivery, grocery delivery, medicines, booking tickets, planning travel, etc. It has a dominating presence in Southeast Asian countries. Reports have concluded the app has been downloaded over 125 million times across all platforms. They have earned over $6.3 billion in Gross Transaction Value.


Grab was initially introduced in Malaysia and has captured a significant portion of its target consumers. Since the entrepreneur is focused on offering hyperlocal services, it has become an aggressive competitor. Currently, it has a massive fleet of 2.8 million drivers and has a turnover of over $1 billion in total. In fact, Uber has a 27.5% stake in the company.

Advantages of having an app like gojek:
Can seize a massive customer base:

Entrepreneurs can seamlessly capture a massive customer base as these apps can perfectly fit into spaces. Since these apps are tested in real-time conditions, they can aggregate their presence precisely.

Low ownership costs:

Entrepreneurs can charge the third party vendors a substantial charge for lending out the apps’ space. This strategy will reduce liabilities that prevail around the ownership of an application.

Customer loyalty programs:

The customization options in the Gojek app clone provides flexible options to increase customer loyalty on a platform. Once could seamlessly access every service on the platform and so customer loyalty programs can be the ideal way to keep them engaged. Customer interactions will be enhanced and eventually result in higher user engagement.

Here are some of the services you can offer on your Gojek clone app:
On-demand ride-hailing services:

The on-demand service sector was born with ride-hailing services. Entrepreneurs can include car rental, taxi booking, bike rental services, bike taxi, carpooling services, etc.

Delivery services:

Delivery services can include restaurant food, grocery, medicine delivery, and so on. Entrepreneurs can include as many as possible services. They can also choose to go with less popular delivery services like flower delivery, courier delivery, wine delivery, etc.

Handyman services:

Handyman services will include quintessential services that people will require in their day to day lives. Customers will be able to avail of essential services like plumbing, electrical, and much more.

How to improvise your on-demand multi-services business:

It is not an easy task to gain the trust of customers just by promising multiple services on a single platform. Customers must feel special with your services and should be satisfied with it. Although their future expectations will rise, you should be releasing periodical updates. It is crucial to bring the best of everything into your Gojek clone app. Since your on-demand multi-services app will be performing various tasks at the same time, developers should put their efforts into building it appropriately.

The demands from the customers’ side will be high and it is inevitable. Entrepreneurs should put their efforts into analyzing future trends and release updates accordingly. The users should not face any hassles in navigating the app and for that, your app should be built by professionals. The on-demand services market is already flourishing and several entrepreneurs are stepping into it with their innovative ideas. No matter how tight the competition is, you can emerge as the winner if you follow your business plan precisely.

In a nutshell:

The Gojek clone app will be the ideal option for people with an entrepreneurial dream to make it big in this sector. Since it is a preloaded ensemble of on-demand services, entrepreneurs can seamlessly deploy multiple services to maximize their overall revenue. Although the app will be home to multiple services, entrepreneurs can seamlessly manage every service. Developing a Gojek clone has numerous benefits over developing an app from scratch and so embrace the possibility of clone apps as it is going to be the future of the market.

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