What is a Technical Recruiter? How Technical Helps in Business Growth?

A technical recruiter is an individual who oversees the whole hiring process of candidates for technical reasons. The post of a technical recruiter falls under the category Human Resources Department of an organization.  They help to monitor the whole process including the research, shortlisting CVs, calling out for interviews, having interviews, and all the formalities for a candidate who is selected. The senior technical recruiters are expected to not only have excellent skills. They are also tied together with the normal staffer. They also need to have the technical knowledge and in-depth knowledge of their industry. It is an entry-level stage and it does not need high credentials or work experience. However, the potential candidates must show the relevant skills in order to be hired for the particular post they are applying for. Furthermore, the candidates who hope to work as a technical recruiter can find all of the relevant information.

There are various responsibilities that a technical recruiter must perform in their everyday life. Firstly, they have to create and post the job descriptions on the various recruitment sites. The next role is the networking stage for the firm. This helps to create a greater amount of awareness regarding the company vacancy positions and the various events that are taking place in a company. Next, shortlisting the CVs based on the relevant talents and looking out for candidates for their job interviews. The next role is interviewing candidates and evaluating their performance. The next role is communicating with the candidate throughout the entire hiring process. The technical recruiters have to coordinate with technical teams regarding the requirements and forming a solid recruitment technique.

The following are the advantages of becoming a technical recruiter. One is the entry-level job profile which does not need any postgraduate education. next is the excellent networking chances that are present and the opportunity to interact with many new people. finally, people in recruiting report good job satisfaction.

The following are the duties of the technical recruiter. 

The technical recruiters perform various duties during their journey to find the best talents in the technical world.

The recruiting industry is constantly modifying. In the era of social media and digital job applications.  A key solid strategy is important for overcoming the potential candidates. Hence, a great amount of  time for a technical recruiter is spent finding out the ideal way to reach the best technical talent.

The candidates are from a variety of different places. Thus the social media has indeed become a Recruiter’s dream tool. In addition to that most people know that LinkedIn is a social network designed especially for recruiters. It has its savvy recruiters who also use the tools like Twitter and Facebook to target and reach out to candidates. 

They are important in creating job descriptions and specifications. This is where the written communication skills come into great use.  It is a team effort between the recruiter and other important members of the Human Resources department. Thus being able to write a quality job description needs a comprehensive knowledge of the position. For a technical recruiter, this means that they have an extensive technical knowledge in order to succeed. 

They need to interview and assess candidates.  This is a key part of a technical recruiter’s job. Their goal is very simple as they need to  find the candidates who are worth presenting to the decision-maker during the hiring process. This needs various skills such as the conflict handling skills, communication skills and a healthy dose of persistence.

They need to represent the firm at the job fairs and the campus events. The employer branding is very important now. The recruiter has become the “face” of a firm at job fairs and campus events. 

The disadvantages of becoming a senior technical recruiter are as follows. They always need to be in the mediator role. However, get very tiring and challenging. One has to learn how to handle rejections as well as to deliver the news to people that they have gotten rejected. Next, they may be required to put in long working hours to achieve their responsibilities. 

A technical recruiter must possess an unique combination of soft skills and technical knowledge. This will help them to succeed in this specialized career role. A technical recruiter must be a people-person with the potential to communicate. They also need to have enough technical knowledge to build relationships with the candidates in their industry. The following skills are required by nearly every employer who is searching for a potential technical recruiter to hire. They need to possess good written and spoken skills, communication skills, proficiency in ATS software, Microsoft Office, organisational, analytical, interpersonal and critical thinking skills.

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