What is Automation Testing And Why is Automation Testing?

Automation Testing is a process of execution that can be automated. Automated testing has been around for years, but it has only recently come into the spotlight with its importance to development. Automation testing can help find bugs faster and more reliably than manual methods, which makes it worth the investment time and money wise. Automated testing is used in almost every 9xflix industry for various purposes – from quality assurance to software validation. 

When we talk about continuous testing, and with it continuous delivery and DevOps, the term automation gets thrown around a lot. In a basic sense, we all understand what automation means — the use of some technology to complete a task. But when we talk about automation in terms of Continuous Testing, there are some nuances that we need to take into account.

Automation testing can be done in any language or platform, which makes it very versatile. Automation allows you to test more than just UI – there are many ways that automation tools allow the user to fully automate tests.

Making Test Automation a Reality

In theory, the concept of test automation is a perfect fit for testers operating in a Continuous Testing environment. But what happens when reality strikes?

In a typical real world scenario, when testers need to schedule and verify test cases they:

  • Communicate with the product owner to gather product requirements and distill the essence of the problem for which the product owner is trying to solve.
  • Break those product requirements down into user stories and then incremental units of work to create the functioning software. This often requires working with the team of developers, analysts, and operators.
  • Write a combination of test cases (automated, exploratory, regression, etc.) to fulfill the contract of those requirements. Visit moviesflix for amazing movies to make your time full pleasure.

What is Automated Testing?

 Automated testing is a method of software development that allows you to test the entire application at once, without being in front of it. Automated tests can be run continuously and overnight because no human needs to actually interact with the program itself. This makes automated testing incredibly fast and efficient. Automated testing is used for many different types watchcartoonsonline of applications, including but not limited to Mobile Apps, Websites & Web Applications, Desktop Programs/Applications.

Automation Testing Example : Automating Browser Tests Automation tools allow you to automate tests on all aspects of the application or website being tested. If there are any browsers involved in the Automated test, they can be automated as well. Automation tools allow you to click on elements within a browser and perform functions that are programmed into the tests themselves – Automation tools are able to automate anything that is possible by interacting with an application through your web browser or mobile device.

Automating Mobile App Tests Automation testing for mobile apps is usually done through Automation testing frameworks, which are able to run on most mobile devices. Automated Mobile App Testing allows testers and developers the ability to test every aspect of a mobile app or website at once – this can save lots of time and money.

Automating an entire suite of tests for web applications and websites would be very difficult to do manually. Automated testing allows you to test everything without having to be in front of the computer, a types of graphics design which makes it incredibly efficient!

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Why Automation Testing? 

There are many reasons why Automation Testing is used for software development, here are some examples: 

Automated tests can run overnight or while developers are asleep no one has to be in front of the computer for automated tests Automated Testing.

Automation testing is fast and efficient there are no limitations on what can be tested Automated Testing.

Automation tools allow you to test every aspect of an application or website at once Automated Testing.

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