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What should you know about the natural gas flow meter?

The natural gas is a combination of the combustible gas with hydrocarbon as one of the primary components that is extracted from nature. The chemistry of natural gas involves different gases such as low-molecular hydrocarbon in the gaseous form and non-hydrocarbon gases. The primary components of natural gas includes methane, ethane, nitrogen, propane and butane. The natural gas needs to be stored and transported for various industrial and business reasons which is why it is compressed into the liquid form.  

There is widespread need for the measurement of natural gas flow in different industries. Some of the applications and industries where the natural gas flow meter is utilized includes coal mining, nitric acid plants, power plants, petroleum refining plants, and organic chemical synthesis plants amongst others. Besides these applications the gas flow meter is also used in monitoring incoming gas to gas burner, boilers, ovens and furnaces. For obtaining accurate and exact measurement you need the right type of technology.

Before you go ahead and buy an industrial gas flow meter, it is important to understand application of the flow meter technology. You must gather all the information related to your requirements such as purpose of gas meter, the type of gas you need to measure, required accuracy, process temperature, pressure, flow range, regulations and noise requirements amongst other things. Once you have all the relevant information you can make an educated decision.

The efficient gas flow meters from Silver Instruments

The  is one of the premium destinations if you are looking for durable and highly efficient gas flow meters. The company provides some of the best gas flow meters at competitive as well as affordable prices to the customers. Some of the flow meter products provided by the company are Gas Turbine flow meter, Vortex flow meter, Thermal mass flow meter, Natural gas mass flow meter, Gas mass flow meter and Gas flow meters CFM amongst others. We will take a look at one of these products in more detail.

Gas turbine flow meter: This gas flow uses the sophisticated turbine technology of the digital flow meters and provides optimum design. It is one of the new generation of flow meters that provides high reliability and precision based on theory of the hydromechanics, pneumatics, and electromagnetic. This gas flow meter provides excellent performance at both high and low pressure. It provides different ways of the signal output and it has low sensitivity to fluid turbulence.

Some of the features of the gas turbine flow meter are as follows. The sensor provides high accuracy and comes with a premium rectifier which doesn’t put hard demand on the pipes. The display of the gas turbine provides 180 degree rotation as well as easy installation. The meter also has good repeatability and comes with independent electronics which provides for easy replacement and maintenance.

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