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WhatsApp will be filled with colors with its next two functions

While it may seem that WhatsApp is always the same application, every few years, its developers give us new features and enhancements that drive the user experience. It’s easy to see what they are working on with trial versions that reveal what’s new at WhatsApp.

The next features that the Facebook messaging application might launch have a lot to do with its look – a long-overdue change of look. WhatsApp will be dressed in new colors.

Dark tones that will reduce the power consumption of the screen. Dark mode has not been confirmed to be beneficial for eyesight, but it does help increase mobile phone battery life. Related to this new feature are the two functions that WABetaInfo has discovered in the application.

According to the information published here, WhatsApp is working on new background colors. In addition to the classic WhatsApp wallpaper with a white tone, users can choose their image or put a background that offers the application itself, below the messages we send or receive.

WhatsApp wallpapers can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. We can also choose a range of solid colors that will be enhanced when the new shades pass the trial period. To change the Background for another one, it is as simple as going to Settings, choosing the second section of Chats, and clicking on Background.

Along with the new shades, we will also have the possibility of using a preview that tells us how that Background will look in our personal WhatsApp, saving time when choosing a new look.

Finally, and in line with these new darker solid colors, we expect to have the official dark mode soon, both for mobile and computer. It would still have a few more details to work out, but they are both in the final testing phase, so I expect it to be over soon.

photo by freepik

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