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Why Do You Need A Framework For Automation Testing?

Automation is not just technically tricky but also economically. It is suitable for areas where a substantial amount of tests need to be repeated across multiple test cycles. Automation testing services occur in addition to manual testing or compliments it. But it cannot and should not replace it altogether.

It is only the tester who knows that the success of any testing depends mainly on planning. Typically, they need to spend 1/3 of the testing effort in planning, which is standard. Planning includes two main areas:

  • Managerial information like dates, schedules, milestones, people information, etc. 
  • Technical testing-related information on deliverables, how many cycles, tools, data, etc.

It needs to be noted that for an automation project, a framework is everything- a technical implementation guideline. 

The three technical entities in an automation project are:

  • Code-script 
  • Data 
  • Objects and their definition on the AUT 

The economic ones are:

  • Tool licensing: this may include the license for additional add-ins that are required for the specific AUT on hand
  • Specialized workforce 
  • Time and efforts in terms of human resources 
  • Infrastructure (it can be anything that starts from physical space that you provide to a tester to work). 

Within this industry, it is tough to get the buy-in testing itself; it is going to be more challenging to prove the importance of automation. 

In other words, we must figure out all the details and assure their success in them or choose to venture into automation. This is the place where the framework can be the foundation that we must set foot on solid ground and make sure that we don’t fall. We will not cover economic aspects in-depth. 

Why Test Automation Framework?

It’s time to understand the technical part!

We know that a good automation script must launch the AUT, supply the data, perform the operation, repeat itself as per the directions, validate/close the AUT, and finally exit. 

Yes, this is the order!

After creating a script that does not include all this, we reduce the execution and reporting time to a few milliseconds as opposed to hours. When there is no overlooking, the efficiency gets improved. 

Now, imagine how long it will take to write a script that has all these things. How long will it take to understand the objective of the test, come up with a solution, implement it into code, customize, debug and finalize it?

As we can see, the time-consuming factor is the test script creation. The more time effective the automation script is, the better is the chance of success. 

An example here:

  1. is the AUT 
  1. Features for testing:
  • Compose email 
  • Create contacts 
  • Receiving an email

 3. Automation testers 

Now, the scripts should have the code that performs the following operations:

  • Compose email
  • Create contacts 
  • Receive email 

It must be noted that Launch, login authorization, and logout can help in reducing effort and time. They can be used by other testers as well. Reusability makes sure that if a change needs to be implemented, it is done in a centralized manner. 

For Example 

If there is a change in the page of, we don’t need to modify each script. We can change it once, and all the other scripts that utilize it will change the code automatically. This reduces reworking and makes sure that the change remains consistent. 

Also, the script will recognize the elements on the AUT that are based on the properties they store. This is also another major asset for automation scripts. When many scripts access the same object, there is no need for duplication every time. A common repository with definitions can help centralize several repositories. 

The resources code and objects can be optimized through maximum reusability. When components are made reusable:

  • The correct has to be followed while creating them. 
  • An identifiable name needs to be assigned.
  • Must be stored in a location that is available for all the scripts. 

All the information about what, where, how, and when to implement these factors is a part of the framework. 

Finally comes the data. You can hardcore your data into the code/script. This will force you to create a new script every time new data has to be supplied. The solution to this is that you can separate the data from the code. Where will you find the details on how to implement this decision? Framework!

Summing Up 

Overall, the framework plays a crucial role in determining how to organize the automation project for maximizing results. Apart from the areas that are mentioned above, the framework can guide the automation testers on the execution of scripts, where to store results, how to present them, and many more. Also, the website application testing automation framework is the overall game plan that can take you where you want to go.

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