Why Should you Use Catalytic Converter to reduce pollution?

catalytic converter is a basis to step that will surely help you to ensure that these harmful gases are neutralized before the exhaust gas is released into the atmosphere and the best thing about this converter is it will work primarily by utilizing the reduction and oxidation processes for the neutralization. The replacement cost of this catalytic converter is on the higher side but most people will question whether it will be worthful to have a catalytic converter or it will be worthful to replace a catalytic converter. For all these questions My answer is although the price of this catalytic converter is on the higher side but it will be an essential converter both for your car and for your earth atmosphere. I think every bus, car, truck, and motorcycles should have an integrated catalytic converter.

What is a catalytic converter ?

A catalytic converter will help you in eliminating any unburned fuel and toxic gasses that is produced by the vehicle’s exhaust before the toxicity that is released into the atmosphere. This catalytic converter will help you in reducing vehicle emissions and greenhouse gases.

What does catalytic converter Do?

The catalytic converter essentially needs an emission control. It will help you in converting carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons into less harmful emissions and in this way it will help you in reducing the pollution of nature.

How Catalytic Converter IS Made

A catalytic converter is simply made from a stainless steel box that you can attach to the muffler. The box of this catalytic converter contains a beads and it’s coated with catalysts on the inside usually with compounds such as alumina & ceria.

The compound of this catalytic converter is made with a combination of following material that are

  • Rhodium.
  • Platinum.
  • Gold.
  • Palladium.

Types Of catalytic converter

Basically you will find two types of catalytic converter one is a two-way catalytic converter and the other one is a three-way catalytic converter.

Two Way Converter

The two catalytic converters is basically used in the diesel engine. This particular converter will perform two types of tasks at a single time.

It will converts Carbon monooxide into carbon dioxide.

Help you to change hydrocarbon into carbon-dioxide and water.

Three Way Converter

The three way catalytic converter is used in all petrol related vehicles or car. The three way converter will perform the same task like two way converter it has only one additional feature that is it has the ability to convert an additional toxic gas.

How to clean the catalytic converter without removing it?

It is a easy task of cleaning a catalytic converter without removing it from the vehicle. You will find different types of cleaning aid that are right now available in the market such as OXICAT that has the ability to unclog your converter. One thing you should always remember that cleaning aids of the converter will not always clear out those compononents that are damged.

Before cleaning the catalytic converter the first thing that you should do that you should check the converter from any kind of cracks or damaged part before cleaning it out. If you want to clean the converter then the first thing that you have to do is put some of the cleaning aid into your fuel tank before you go for a drive. In this way, the cleaning product will surely help you to clean your o2 sensor as well as the entire exhaust system.

Buyers Guide Of Catalytic Converter

The first thing that you should check before having a converter for you is its fitting. This converter is available with two types of fitting one is direct fitting and the other one is universal fitting

Direct fitting

A direct fit converter has comes with one clear feature and it will provide you a flange to flange end connection that only needs to be bolted into the existing exhaust system while doing the installation types of tasks and I think that’s it.

Basically that types of unit are designed as replacement OEM parts and it will resembles the original parts in all different way.

However it means this particular converter is designed for specific types of vehicles and therefore you must check its compatibility to determine if it can fit your car or not. The best thing about this converter is its installation process is pretty easy.

Universal Fitting

This kind of converter is designed to fit every single type of the converter and it is designed to fit all kinds of the exhaust system and this is its main advantage.


While looking for a converter or any product the first thing that you should check is its durability. Most of the time a good performing converter should be pretty much durable so that it will provide you the value for your hard earned money by serving it for a long periods of time. The longer the duration of a converter will be and it will be better and cost effective for the people those who are using it to save the nature.


If you read this article carefully then I think you should have understood each and every single thing about the catalytic converter. Carefully read our two types of catalytic converter and how it helps in purifying the dusty air. So if you are a nature lover then you should read this article to know how this catalytic converter helps in purifying the air.


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