10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

In the 21st century, we have everything for making our lives comfortable. You can talk to your loved ones on video calls for hours living on another corner of the planet anytime. Watch live broadcasting of any event while sitting on the couch. There are talks of getting reaching on mars and other terrestrial planets as well.

Humans are everywhere from the ocean to stars but still, they are deprived of good sleep. Today’s reality presents a contrasting image before us, where on one hand items of comfort are them to make lives easy but our health seems to be degrading at the same pace. People are facing situations where they remain awake for the whole night or wake up several times during the night. Therefore, when they wake up in the morning, they are still dizzy and stressed.

The quality of sleep determines the overall mood for the day. A good morning paves way for an efficient and productive day. Failing to fall asleep also indicates that mental health is in critical condition before it’s too late. When faced with such a situation most people get inclined towards the use of sleeping pills. If someone is looking for an instant and short-term solution then Modaheal 200 and Modvigil 200 are effective. But it does not cure the problem permanently rather overlooks it for a night.

For total healing, one has to make decisive changes to personal problems like lifestyle, food habits, stress problems and relationships etc. In this article, we shall discuss the 10 scientifically proven ways to fall asleep faster.

Get rid of addictions

When people feel low due to relationships, career problems or health many find escape with addictions like alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs like heroin, cocaine etc. Addictions affect the neurovascular system negatively and damage the correlation between organs and the brain. The sleep cycle is disturbed, lack of concentration, memory loss and Erectile Dysfunction are some of the results of getting addicted.

Every addiction makes you a slave of it, without which the body feels something missing. It leads to frustration, anger and self-harm. Consult a doctor about it and get admitted to a nearby rehabilitation centre.

Choose the food which your body likes

If you ask any doctor about the kind of food one should eat, they would explain that our work and role in society should determine the food we eat. Besides a balanced diet, the proportion of each nutrient is dependent on our work. For example, for someone who is a labourer in coal mines, his job requires quite a lot of physical strength for which large quantities of carbohydrates and proteins are needed.

Now take the example, of a scientist or a software engineer. He need not be a muscular guy because it’s not needed. Therefore, his diet should contain high amounts of multivitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that boost creativity, concentration and memory power. For him, a high intake of fats and proteins will lead to the accumulation of cholesterol causing obesity and diabetes.

Do not pile up work for the night

To get good sleep you must sleep early before 11 pm. Complete all your work during the day so that you can sleep peacefully without any worries about the remaining task in the morning. Working till late at night increases stress levels, disturbs the sleep cycle and becomes a basic criterion for depression.

Listen to good music

Music has been proven to influence the mood of a person. Listen to sweet and calm music to fall asleep faster. Sounds of instruments like flute, violin and piano have a calm effect on nerves on the brain.

Talk with loved ones

If nothing works a conversation and a walk with your love interest will increase the dopamine levels that uplift your mood and bring calmness to mind within minutes. No need to take Modalert 200 and Waklert 150 instead spend quality time with your wife or girlfriend.

Do yoga or meditation

Yoga and meditation have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, restore sleep, facilitate calmness uplift overall mood. Daily 30 minutes of yoga and meditation are enough to make you fall asleep faster.

Get a warm shower

The brain receives signals for rest when there is a reduction in temperature. This is why cool weather is loved by people but hot weather is not so much. A hot shower increases body temperature, after entering the room our skin sense falls in temperature which sends a signal to sleep.

Don’t take a nap during the day

If you don’t sleep during the day but keep working by overcoming the urge to sleep. The sleep then gets accumulated in the brain, hence when you fall on the bed at night, you instantly fall asleep.

Use room freshener

Smelling your favourite smell has been found to increase the urgency to sleep. A sense of satisfaction comes in the mind after smelling your favourite room freshener.

Read a book

If you haven’t read a book for some time, try reading it this time to fall asleep faster. When you are wanting to sleep, at that time activity like reading is resisted by the brain which then causes to make the person sleep faster. Artvigil 150 and Modafresh 200 should be used as the last resort.


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