3 Compelling Reasons to Consider a Disney Vacation Club Resale

Are you considering a Disney Vacation Club resale?

Every day, about 50,000 people visit Walt Disney World. Although the COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant reduction in the number of daily visits, WDW still remains a prime destination for millions of people.

Then there’s you, a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member. DVC membership is a testament to your love for Disney World as a vacation destination. There are numerous perks that come with being a DVC member, including multiple discounts and special access to various facilities.

Given these perks, one might wonder why you’re considering selling your membership. Well, turns out there are compelling reasons a DVC member can want to do away with their membership.

Here are some of the top reasons.

You Need the Money

It costs anywhere from $150 per point (100 points minimum) to get a DVC membership. So, at the very least, we’re looking at a $15,000 investment, excluding closing costs and other fees.

Ideally, you want to maintain your DVC membership, especially if you have a growing family. But what if you’re in a situation where you need money urgently? Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have found themselves in all kinds of financial problems. Perhaps you lost your job or your business went down.

Regardless of the source of the nature of your financial problem, when you need money it’s only natural to consider selling some of your valuable items. If you’ve got a DVC membership, you can sell it to raise the money you need. What’s more, selling your DVC isn’t complicated when you’re using the help of professionals.

You No Longer Fancy Traveling

It’s not unfathomable that traveling can become one of your least favorite activities.

For one, the COVID-19 situation has greatly affected the travel industry. Although things are easing up and people are starting to go places, perhaps you aren’t interested in picking up your traveling bags once again. There are several other exciting activities that can replace your love for traveling.

Or, maybe you still want to travel, but not to Disney locations. Maybe you’ve already explored all the 14 resorts and have no interest in going back again.

Either way, you can cash out and exit by selling your DVC. You can use the funds to finance other interesting activities or travel to other parts of the world.

You’re Not Making the Most of Your DVC

Although purchasing DVC membership comes with certain exclusive benefits, the truth is not every member gets to enjoy those benefits.

You see, there’s a limited number of DVC resorts and rooms. Yet, Disney keeps selling the contracts to new guests. This means there’s increased demand for the same facilities. In fact, it’s not uncommon to miss out on the room you want at a particular resort. It seems to be always booked!

If you’re getting frustrated at the way the Disney Vacation Club is being handled, why not opt out and find better deals elsewhere?

Is Disney Vacation Club Resale Right for You?

There’s a vibrant market for Disney Vacation Club resales. People are selling their contracts and others are buying them just as fast. If you feel that you’ve had enough or you’ve been compelled to sell your DVC, let nothing stop you from selling.

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