3 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Optometrist During Your Appointment

Macquarie Centre is one of the busiest shopping destinations in Sydney. It is home to hundreds of retail shops and entertainment destinations. But aside from shopping and recreation, you may also find healthcare services like the clinics of an optometrist in Macquarie centre during your visit. 

If your primary purpose in going to Macquarie Centre is to consult with an optometrist, you must know what to expect before your visit. Whether you are scheduled to have your eye seen by the doctor for the first time or need to return for a follow-up checkup, here is a list of questions you need to ask your optometrist. 

Question #1: What Kind Of Tests You Should Take? 

You must ask your eye doctor for a list of eye exams that you must prepare for before heading to the office of your optometrist in Macquarie centre. It would be best to ask questions over the phone while booking your appointment or when you come in. 

One of the most common eye exams includes the usual vision test using a Snellen Chart. However, cases vary, and you may need more intensive tests like digital retinal imaging scan, rebound tonometry, or automated refraction. These tests may help the doctor diagnose specific eye diseases like keratoconus.   

Question #2: Check Why You Are Experiencing These Symptoms? 

Perhaps the reason why you decided to schedule a visit to your eye doctor in the first place is that you are feeling something unusual in your eyes. It may also mean that you are having problems with your vision. You may ask your optometrist to explain why you are feeling those symptoms to understand your condition. 

The eye doctor will also learn more information about your case through your symptoms. For example, you may tell the eye expert that you have blurred vision, light sensitivity, a vision of flashing lights, or unexplainable eye pain. It may allow them to make a proper diagnosis to help them treat your problem better.

Question #3: How can you Check and Monitor Your Eye Health? 

Always ask this important question at the end of your eye checkup. The doctor will provide a different answer, depending on your current condition and the state of your eye. 

If your current eye health is good, the optometrist may tell you to come back at least once a year and offer instructions for preventative measures. But if you have an existing eye disorder, the doctor might either prescribe medication or request a medical procedure for treatment. The optometrist may also suggest lifestyle changes and ask you to return more frequently.  

Additional Question: What Are the Available Treatments For My Eye Problem? 

If the optometrist finds something unusual during your checkup, the doctor may present some treatment options to correct the problem. It can be noninvasive, like asking you to wear a pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses. 

But if you are dealing with a more serious condition, the doctor may require you to undergo major surgery. 

Knowing the right questions to ask your eye doctor will help you get the most out of your visit to the optometrist in their Macquarie Centre clinic. If you have an idea about your eye health status, you will be able to avoid more serious complications that could affect your life in the long run.  

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