3 Things Pet Owners Need to Check on Before Visiting a Dog Park

Our friends from the dog world are social creatures. They love to engage in interactive playtime with their owners and other furry mates. A dog park is a suitable place for pet dogs to satisfy their socialization cravings. Your canine friend can run and chase around with other four-legged furry members in the presence of his favorite humans. You can see your pet doggo amidst many other cheery faces and wagging tails.

Still, you must ensure your pet doggo remains safe in a place like a dog park. Your paw friend is highly vulnerable to contracting infections, contagious diseases, hurting himself, and much more. One way to be more certain of  your pet’s security is to ensure he is up to date on the vaccination schedule. Pet insurance for dogs often covers much of your pet health expenses, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses.

Buy pet health insurance, so you don’t have to be too worried about taking your dog to new places often. Also, we have a few other dog care tips for you, so a visit to the dog park with your excited pet stays memorable in a positive way.

Do your research.

Evaluate your options. You don’t have to visit the first dog park you come across in your neighbourhood. Get to know the rules and types of visitors of each park in your region. The first thing you need to do is survey the park, checking if pet parents have an eye on their pets, and look around to understand the behaviour of other puppies and pets. If you find a lot of aggressive pets, it probably isn’t a safe place for your doggo. Rule out dog parks that are unkempt and shabby.

Follow up on vaccinations.

Your dog is more likely to be playing with other pets off the leash and who knows what illnesses they carry. Talk to your vet and get your pet doggo vaccinated if he is due on any. You must know about the number, frequency, and timing of vaccinations every year then make sure they happen.

Get him microchipped.

One key reason why he must wear an identity tag before he ventures out for play – in case he runs away or gets lost. Ensuring your dog is microchipped takes it one step further, with your pup’s ID being carried within him at all times. This makes it much easier for him to be returned to you if you are separated, especially if his identity tag comes off.

Carry pet supplies.

Make sure you pack the dog essentials before heading out to a dog park with your doggo. The bare minimum supplies include water, collapsible bowls, waste bags, dog treats, a harness and/or leash to guide your furry pet while strolling.

Your doggo needs plenty of fresh water, especially on a sunny day. Check the park rules before carrying dog food and treats. It is always best to leave some food in your vehicle if the park demands you not to take any of it inside. Where they allow you to feed your pet inside, make sure you tend to only your pet as you never know what food allergies the other pets might have.

More than anything, a busy pet owner may not be aware of the dangers their pet pal may get into. Your dog may trip and fall over a rock, get into a brawl with other pets, or injure himself or others. Have an eye on what your canine companion is up to. Otherwise, he may get into unexpected health troubles. With pet insurance for dogs, your fur baby is protected in the event of injuries, accidents, illnesses, and other events that may harm his well being. Purchase a pet health insurance policy to save money on vet bills and provide your doggo quality medical care.

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