3 Tips for Launching a Small Business in 2022

Since the pandemic and even now when things have calmed down a little, nothing is quite ordinary, so if you have a dream of starting a small business, you have to be wondering if 2022 is the best year to go for it. 

The truth is, there never will be a moment that is so ideal that you will be risk-free. Like any other year, starting a business is risky, it takes a lot of effort, time, and depending on the type of business, it may cost a lot.


Don’t Try to Skip Any Step of the Process

If you have an idea you believe in, and you have the means to start, what is to say that this isn’t the best idea you’ve had in your life? The only thing you can do is create a detailed business plan to make sure that you don’t miss any important step of the process, and hope for the best. A well-thought-out plan is key and it can determine the success of your start.

Keep in mind that a lot of things you will have to do before you can open for business are quite tedious, but skipping any of them may cause small or big issues in the future. Covering everything from the idea, the legal aspects, the type of business and operations, the services or products you will offer, to the financial aspects and the marketing strategy, your business plan will be your guide through the steps of this exciting and demanding process.

Plan Your Finances

Whether starting your small business requires a lot of money or not, figuring out your finances can make a huge difference in every part of the process, and beyond. First of all, make sure that you have a fund for the initial investment. This of course varies greatly depending on the type of business you are starting – whether you need to buy expensive equipment and supplies, whether you need to rent or buy a place, etc. 

Aside from the initial investment, you should also worry about the expenses you will have once you start the business. Keep in mind that it may take a while since you start turning a profit, so make sure that you got your utility, rent, cleaning supplies, coffee, and any other operating expenses covered at least for a while – even without making a profit. Also, take maintenance of any equipment you may have into account.

Another important thing to include in your financial plan is marketing. Whether you are starting your business practically for free or you are spending a lot of money buying or renting huge vehicles, properties, equipment – becoming visible to clients takes time and effort.

Focus on Your Visibility

Marketing is one of the most important investments for every business no matter how small but creating a strategy and reaching potential clients doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Nowadays we are very fortunate in this regard. Social media, for instance, gives us a huge advantage when it comes to getting visibility. 

There are businesses that simply by finding a way to get Instagram followers have started their way to success. And with a little bit of help, you can have users interacting with you, talking about your brand, and becoming a part of your community. That being said, you shouldn’t simply rely on your Instagram followers, and you should definitely avoid buying fake followers simply to increase the number. Instead launch a rich social campaign, focused on organic followers and quality content.

Keep in mind that your overall digital presence – your website or all of your social media profiles – is the image that will most matter in the eyes of your potential customers. It is what will form most people’s opinion about your company. The number of people shopping online was big even before the pandemic, and now it continuously keeps growing all the time. Not going digital nowadays can be seen as a weakness, with people often researching businesses online before deciding whether to buy products or services from them. 



Starting a business always takes courage and even more so now in the post-pandemic world. However, many businesses have survived and many have thrived even in the worst of times. Aside from the technical steps you have to take – registration, permits, etc., most of the process revolves around planning, and in recent years, and even more so today – around the digital world.

Your online presence is a marketing tool and a great way to create a personal relationship with your potential customers. However, regardless of whether you are running an eCommerce business or not, you should treat it more like an element of your business without which you couldn’t survive. 

James Jackson

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