4 Best Cloud Storage Services for Photographers

Cloud is everywhere these days and every industry is using cloud computing services for obvious beneficial factors. Cloud is no doubt a futuristic technology. Not only others, but the cloud has a lot to offer to photographers too. Like many photographers, if you are also storing all your important work (pictures I mean) on external hard disks and other physical devices then you are putting your work at risk. There are various possibilities of data loss. You might forget your hard disk somewhere, might damage it, or by any other technical fault, it might not work. What would you do in this condition? Noting probably. This is why having your data stored on the cloud is important these days.

A lot of people invest in locally attached storage services like QNAP and Drobo but these services are not budget-friendly. So what you should invest in? Something which will be budget-friendly is what we prefer and you want too. Cloud storage is going to be the best option in your concern. So, let’s have a look at some of the best cloud storage services for photographers:

pCloud – Under $5 Per Month

You might have not heard about it but it is one of the fastest-growing cloud storage services globally. One of the major features of their growth is their lifetime 2TB plan which is available for $350 and the 500GB lifetime plan which is available for $175 in pCloud lifetime deal. But, you can buy these plans at a 75% discount during the black friday sale. Along with lifetime plans, they also offer annual and monthly plans. So, you can buy cloud storage with any type of billing schedule. pCloud allows you to sync files from your mac, android, ios, and Windows devices. So, you can use it on any device and store files of any kind, not just images. The easy and branded sharing option of pCloud makes it a creative choice among all available options in the market.

Dropbox – $9.99 Per Month

Dropbox is among the best-known cloud storage services but has been compromised with data break quite a few times. Also, not having a lifetime plan for customers is another reason why people are moving away from it. But their 2 TB per month plan is not so bad if you are fine with the price. Dropbox has an easy interface and sharing options are quite good. Also, DropBox can be synced from any device. DropBox free plan is almost of no use as 2GB of storage is nothing for even an irregular user. Even after high pricing and no free benefit and even data breaches, DropBox is still a popular choice among photographers.

Google Photos – One of the Best

In my opinion, Google Photos will be the best option for photographers. Almost every one of us has used its app on the phone and every google account gets a free 15GB space that can be used on Google photos also. Not just the application and quality of service, their pricing is incredible. You are getting 100GB of space for just $2 per month. I don’t think any cloud storage service can match this promising service of Google.Google Photos support the raw format so you can directly see those images on the cloud. A basic editing feature is also available in Google Photos that can be used for normal editing and instant access.

iCloud – $0.99 Per Month

Last in the list but not the least. Apple iCloud’s server quality and security is unmatchable. Not just servers, but the pricing is surprising. You are getting 50GB of storage in ust $0.99 per month and 200GB for $2.99 per month. This pricing is for North america, south america, caribbean and latin america. Free plan gets 5Gb of storage that is not much of use as 5Gb is low for a photographer’s purpose. If you are already using an apple device, you already have access to iCloud and the default storage is enough for your device temporary usage. Though, you have to upgrade to a higher plan to store more files and heavy usage. 

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