4 Homemade Remedies for Common Health Issues

Every mother knows how to solve the littlest of health problems at home. As time progressed, more and more health problems arose that were not curable with simple remedies. There are newer homemade remedies that can help reduce the effects in no time. Modern times have made it possible to have a doctor at your door at call. These options are affordable and convenient for most senior citizens and young children. Here are a few remedies that can help cure a few problems at home without going to a hospital.


It is difficult to cure a fever with just prescribed medicines. However, one can lower the effects or bring the fever down with very effective teas with a pinch of saffron. Saffron has a warm nature and many health benefits apart from curing fevers that can increase immunity and keep cold and other ailments away. Ibuprofen is proven to reduce and calm the effects considerably. These medicines are available in any pharmacy for convenience.

One can use lemon balms that soothe the headaches and chill the area on which it gets applied. Milk and oranges seem to work wonders as well. Consume healthy fruits and vegetables and reduce junk during fevers. Drink hot soups to warm the body.

Cough and Common Cold:

Cold is one of the most common viral diseases that everybody regularly experiences throughout their lives. It is easy to cure with homemade remedies and does not require professional assistance. On the other hand, it is easy to have a doctor at your door for severe coughs and sneezes that can be asthmatic or other infections that need sorting out immediately.

Mix a tablespoon of salt in hot water and use it to gargle twice a day. It helps in clearing the throat and soothing it from all the harshness. Ginger is known to be an all-curing ingredient. One can mix it in water or tea to consume it throughout the day. Do not eat cold or unhealthy foods during this period. Lemon juice is proven to add immunity.

Diarrhoea or Stomach Problems:

Diarrhoea can cause lots of exhaustion and reduce energy which leaves an individual tired and bed-ridden. ORS has been a usual solution throughout the world. It uses simple products like sugar and water boiled to a specific temperature. Honey and pomegranate juices work magic over the disease and bring relief almost immediately. Many people can use substitutes for an ORS solution by preparing one at home.

Consume these products after a recommendation from doctors. Buttermilk is one of the best solutions for an upset stomach since it is easy to make and increases energy. Use pepper solutions and soups to calm the stomach and the intestine. Do not tire the body with other activities.

Mild Eye Problems:

Since dust and other allergies can spread to the eye or cause irritation and redness, it is necessary to take care of them correctly. First, keep the eyes cold and get enough sleep throughout the day. Gently dab the eyes with a hot water cloth to comfort them. Leaves of devil weed are known to work wonders and soothe the eye.

Make sure to clean the eyes before applying any cream or solution over them. Do not stress them while injured or infected. Keep reading to the minimum and do not allow any strain.

One has to consult doctors if the problems persist. Do not apply any creams without prescription or professional advice to avoid infections. Check the medicines for allergic substances before consumption to ensure it is safe.

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