4 Murphy Bed Ideas to Save Space in Your Bedroom

Keeping our bedroom neat and organized is essential for a goodnight’s sleep. It all begins with a comfortable bed, an organized closet, and a clean space. However, since we are only using it twice a day, bedrooms sometimes remain uncleaned and unorganized. Most often than not, we only make our bed and head to work. We just schedule about once or twice a month to have a general cleaning for the bedroom.

Luckily, there are many types of furniture that you can use to make sure that your bedroom will keep its cleanliness and orderliness all the time. The interior appeal of your bedroom starts with picking the right pieces of furniture — from the bed to the cabinets and closets. Among the greatest inventions are Murphy beds. These are the beds that can be folded like a cabinet when not in use, which gives an open space in your bedroom.

What are Murphy Beds?

You may probably have seen it in movies or cartoon shows, or you may probably have seen it in some of your friends. Those are the magical beds that are coming out from nowhere. Murphy beds are a perfect choice for people who have a small bedroom or living space. It’s an innovative design wherein your bed can be turned into a functional cabinet when you’re not using it.

There are different factors that you need to consider when choosing which murphy bed will suit your needs. Of course, one of the most important aspects is considering its size. Just like any other bed, Murphy bed kits also come in queen or king-sized beds. Choose the one that will fit in your bedroom.

The design and aesthetic is also something that you need to consider. Yes, Murphy beds are not all the same. Each model and piece of this furniture also comes with different designs and structures. The overall appearance also contributes to the durability and stability of your bed. If you don’t want to look like those cartoon characters who got swallowed by their own bed, choose a Murphy bed that is properly mounted and constructed.

4 Murphy Bed Kits to Consider

As mentioned, there are a lot of different Murphy bed kits that you can choose from. So, to give you some inspiration, here are some ideas to help you decide.

1. Stellar Home Wall Bed 

For a simple yet sleek wall bed design, you can choose Stellar Home Wall Bed. It’s a simple yet sturdy type of Murphy bed that is made from recycled materials which can carry up to 500 pounds of weight. Its simplicity makes it look more elegant. It’s very straightforward, just a bed mounted on a tall cabinet that can be pulled up or down. If you are looking for a conventional yet durable Murphy bed, this is the best choice for you.

2. Atlantic Furniture Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest

If you don’t want a really tall cabinet for your Murphy bed, consider the Atlantic Furniture Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest. It’s basically a cozy version of Murphy beds where the mattress can be folded so it can be stored in the bed chest. By day, it will look like a normal cabinet that pretty much looks like a fireplace, but at night, it’s a comfortable bed that will give you a peaceful sleep. Furthermore, this Murphy bed also comes with a cabinet and drawers which can be used as extra storage.

3. Burleson Home Furnishings Coastline Solid Wood

For a contemporary and classic finish, the Burleson Home Furnishings Coastline Solid Wood murphy bed is the best for you. It’s a tall cabinet that can fit your king-size Murphy bed. Its design gives you a rustic feel because of its classic wood polishing. And, most importantly, the cabinet doors are built with a compact cupboard that can be used as a nightstand. It’s indeed stylish and functional.

4. Horizontal Murphy Bed Plan Queen Wall Bed

If you want a corner bed which functions as a folding bed, the Horizontal Murphy Bed Plan Queen Wall Bed is the one you’re looking for. It’s a horizontal Murphy bed equipped with shelves on the adjacent side. It’s perfect for bedrooms with small spaces because the design is very compact and it doesn’t take too much space even when the bed is folded. And, the most interesting part of it is that when the bed is folded, it can function as a hanging rack for your coats and bags.

Save Space in Your Bedroom with Murphy Bed Kits

Live differently and maximize your home spaces with these Murphy bed kits. There’s no harm in trying something new to make sure that you will more peacefully. Visit to discover more types of Murphy bed kits that will go perfectly in your bedroom.

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