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4 Reasons Your App Needs a Redesign

Before you get inspired to redesign your app, you should understand why you want to do it. Many companies think of a redesign as a way to breathe new life into their app and make it look cool. Thus, for most, redesigning an application is a panacea for all problems that will help attract new customers. 

Design agencies can improve your application and also help eliminate all your pain points. If you feel that the level of user interaction with the application is low and that the user experience leaves much to be desired, then in such situations, design agencies can perform a miracle and help you achieve the desired result. 

Having decided on an app redesign, specialists can make it more professional, modern, and also convenient to use. If you do not know why you are doing this and what goals you are pursuing, then a redesign will not help you. 

We will talk about the main reasons why your application needs a redesign. 

Main reasons 

A product is successful if it offers advanced functionality, stable performance, and fast download speeds. Despite this, no one cancels the fact that first impressions are the most lasting. 

About 95% of users pay the main attention to how the application looks. At first, users may shift the focus from design to functionality, but later on, poor design can become a strong reason to use another application. 

Design is powerful, as you can see. Now we’ll talk about the situations in which a redesign is inevitable. 

Out-of-date design 

Times change and design trends change with them. Something is updated, something disappears, and something appears. No matter how hard you try, sooner or later your application design will become obsolete. What was stylish a couple of years ago, today does not seem so attractive. 

Many companies are trying to update the design of applications, taking into account current trends. However, you do not have to keep a close eye on every new trend that appears in this area, especially since not every new trend will be to the taste of your users. 

Negative feedback from users 

Constructive criticism helps us make positive changes. If your app has a low rating in an application store, whether it’s Google Play or the App Store, then you should go directly to the reviews to find what users are worried about. Don’t start making changes because of every comment. You should carefully review the comments and highlight the main issues that users are complaining about. 

Unintuitive interface 

Many developers focus on updating apps regularly with new features and tools. Multifunctionality is good, but over time, users will find that your application is quite difficult to use. The interface ceases to be intuitive and becomes cluttered. 

The point is to look at the interface from the user’s point of view. Would you be comfortable using the app if you were a customer? 

It doesn’t matter how many features you have. The important thing is how you arrange all sections, and categories, where you add new products and services. When launching the application, users should not have questions about how to find information or perform an action. 

Change of corporate image 

Over time, your company’s vision for your product may change. To draw attention to the fact that you want to breathe new life into your brand, you should conduct a rebranding. 

By changing, refining, or improving the company’s values and product vision, the company’s application must get a new image. In this way, the design of the application will get a fresh look, as well as a powerful advertisement for the company. 


There must be a good reason for redesigning an app. The mere desire to change something can not only lead to no results but also worsen the situation. Before committing to a redesign, you should ask yourself why you want to change the design of the application and what pain points you want to eliminate. 

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