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4 Social Media Metrics that Matter Most

With the change in the nature of social media, there has been a lot of focus on the metrics attached to it. Earlier, social media platforms were places where people connected with their friends, family and acquaintances. 

In the present world, social media has become a recurring feature in most marketing strategies. Its reach and the growth it offers to businesses and brands is beyond every other medium. 

A field so grand, there are bound to be a number of metrics that ensure that the best possible results are drawn. 

Here’s a list of 4 social media metrics that matter most. 

#1- Followers

Businesses and brands take their followers on social media platforms quite seriously. The followers are a reflection of how many people visit your profile and follow you once they like what they have witnessed. 

Since this metric shows your following, it is suggested that you keep it as honest as possible. There are many pages who get caught up in the trap of buying followers for this page. This messes up the algorithm of the social media platforms, it is also not an honest reflection of what your profile is about. 

#2- Engagement

Engagement refers to the likes, comments and shares you receive on the content you post on your platforms. This is a very important metric as it shows how your content is received by your audience. The engagement allows marketers and creators to try out new content formats and styles. Their engagement will make it easy for you to establish whether your audience likes the change or not. 

This allows you to observe the response, draw insights and make changes that will enhance the quality of your content. 

#3- Reach 

The reach of your content is a metric that shows us how far and wide your content goes. The number of people who witness your content in their feeds will be lesser than the number of followers you have on your social media platform. However, this metric gives you a potential number as to how many people might follow your pages, since your content reached them. 

The reach of your social media account or content helps you in listing down the changes that will help in converting the number of people who receive your content into followers of your account. 

#4- Competitors 

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Well, in this case, your competitors. Keeping regular tabs on your closest competitors will only help your case. 

By analyzing their metrics, you get to their growth rate and how they are growing. You can view their engagement, their following rate, posting frequency and much more. This will help you in looking for gaps that might exist in your marketing strategy. 

In Conclusion

In this article we listed down 4 social media KPIs that matter the most. Since social media has become an essential marketing tool, there are a plethora of metrics that are now brought under considerations. We have boiled down the list to 4 social media metrics that actually matter. Data can be misleading, especially if you are a beginner without prior experience in analysis. Studying at, a top digital marketing institute in Delhi, can help you learn the important aspects of social media metrics and analysis.

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