5 Advantages of Puzzles in Child’s Brain Development

Most parents are concerned about their child’s development. They try and do their best to find ways in which the child can grow and understand things. When searching for toys and games for your toddlers, do not just pay attention to those that look beautiful and can distract them. You should instead buy games and puzzles that allow children to learn something.

Most teachers and parents would focus on putting puzzles in a room and allow children to explore ways to put the pieces in the right place. If you are a parent and wonder why you should buy wooden puzzles for your child, below are a few advantages that would convince you why they are suitable for your child.

It helps in recognising shapes.

Small children need to discover different shapes. They have to recognise what a circle, square, rectangle, a triangle is, and for that, the best way is to buy more straightforward puzzles with such shape pieces. Gradually, when the children start to recognise shapes, they can be moved to more complex puzzles to identify the geometric form of the parts and put them in the right spot.

It helps in increasing their concentration.

Children get distracted even with the slightest sound. The best way to keep them focused in one place is a puzzle. Some child experts say that the ability of a child to concentrate on one thing is twice or five times their age. So, for example, if your child is four years of age, their concentration time will vary between eight to twenty minutes. Puzzles are selected to be the most time-consuming games and help in increasing a child’s concentration. As your child grows in age, their concentration level rises.

Learning about new topics

 Most puzzle games stick to one particular topic. For example, if you picture a puzzle with a car design, you can teach your child about the different car parts and their role. Similarly, you get maps puzzles, computer puzzles for building other products that only increase knowledge about the particular topic.

It improves their grip and motor ability.

Children take time to hold the grip in a toy, glass, place or anything else. They would make things fall, as they might not be able to hold it or would have a lack of judgement on how to place them in the right place. Gradually, as a toddler learns how to pick the pieces, judge the space, and put them in the right spot, their motor ability increases every day.

Improves synchronisation

A toddler’s hand, eye, and leg movements don’t go hand-in-hand in the first few months. But when they start concentrating on things, the hand and eye movements slowly come together and work in sync. The child will move their hand in the direction where they are looking with the eye. It will create a synchronisation in the body, and the child will function better.

Well, these were just a few examples of the advantages of playing puzzle games. You can look for different wooden puzzles online and read the guide before you purchase it. Every game has an instruction on how to play, and who can play it. Once you buy the puzzle, support your child for the first few times unless they get used to understanding it.

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