5 Best New Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

Whether you have just started an eCommerce store or reached up a point of maintaining a thriving business, it’s very important to stay up to date with the newest eCommerce marketing strategies. Using the latest marketing strategies will not only help you stand out from the competition but will also contribute to more sales and higher profits. 

Do you have any plans to establish an online business? Or, more likely, you already have one? In any case, taking your time with your business strategy is an important aspect of the process. Staying on track may teach you not only how to balance your spending, but also how to appreciate every area of your business. So, are your plans hazy and uncertain? You can get Ecommerce Plan Templates on, which will help you keep track of your competition in the marketplace. The templates are completely modifiable and come in both A4 and US Letter sizes. learn forex trading is also important in this era.

With this in mind, we’re offering some of the most effective eCommerce marketing strategies to try in 2022. 

eCommerce Businesses

Try TikTok

If your target market is younger in age, TikTok is the perfect choice for you as it is all about short, entertaining content that engages Gen Z. Due to its huge engagement opportunities and indirect social persuasion, the platform is fully equipped to amplify the growth rate of your eCommerce store. In addition, through recently announced relationships with Square and Shopify, TikTok makes it possible for users to shop directly on the app.

TikTok has much more exposure than any other platform for marketing but is relatively new to eCommerce and marketing on it can be quite tricky initially. For this reason, it might be wise to hire a professional TikTok agency that will help you create ads that feel native to the platform to increase engagement and CTRs.

If you still want to do things on your own, you will need to be very sharp and creative when planning your strategies. Taking small steps towards your goal might be the best approach. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is definitely one of the most effective eCommerce marketing tactics because it allows you to target your audience through someone they already follow and trust. 

There are influencers in almost every industry, so you can work with them to sell any type of product you want, from clothes and pet supplies to wellness products and cars. 

If you want to leverage influencer marketing in 2022, the first step is to research your audience and identify key influencers they’re following. Then, you can get in touch with the influencer and invite them to refer or review your product. Be sure that any material that the influencer produces is compliant with the terms and policy of the platform they use.

Considering the fact that 43% of voice-enabled device owners use their device to shop and 51% of those who shop via voice use it to research products, avoiding optimizing your eCommerce website for voice search would be a big mistake. 

You can use this technology in your SEO strategy. Consider using low-competition long-tail keywords that emphasize the general talking sense of your customers, creating blog posts that provide short and straightforward answers to most common search queries, and avoiding complicated words that might confuse the voice assistant’s software.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are hot topics in the digital marketing industry and can be useful for any business. AI tools can be used for product recommendations but one of the most accessible parts of AI is chatbots. Customers like chatbots; more than 50% of internet users are satisfied with them and about 60% of millennials already use chatbots to buy basic goods.

Chatbots are an effective way to support requests and automate simple customer queries leaving human agents more time to focus on the more complex interactions. Chatbots communicate with customers instantly, provide personalized answers to customer questions through machine learning, collect data, and track customer behavior. 

However, research showed that customers quickly realize that they’re talking to a robot rather than a human, which is why it’s best to combine a chatbot system with human customer support. 

eCommerce Businesses

Build a Mobile App

Considering the fact that the usage of mobile shopping apps is nearly 50% higher than average, this is an excellent opportunity for businesses that sells products online. A simple mobile app can make a significant difference in your conversions, so if you haven’t developed one for your eCommerce business yet, you are leaving money on the table.

The reason for having an app is simple: customers might not visit a particular site for shopping, but they will definitely check their phones numerous times throughout the day. In fact, 78% of people would rather access an e-store from a mobile app compared to a mobile website. learn forex trading

A mobile app is the best way to enhance the shopping experience with purchase recommendations and one-tap purchases. Make sure that it has to push notification features to gain your customers’ attention. 

Final Thoughts

While staying on top of the marketing novelties definitely pays off, you should remember that not every trend will suit your eCommerce business. Work your way through the strategies described here but be sure to start with the ones that match your brand image, tone, and objectives. 

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