5 Fun Ways to Enjoy the Indoors Again

There is a saying that goes “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” It’s difficult to deny that the pandemic has taken a huge toll on everyone. Perhaps before it all even started, you slowly managed to find ways to cope with indoor living. That is all good and well, but it’s sometimes hard not to get bored or get trodden with cabin fever. Maybe there’s a silver lining to the saying–you just need to look at the old routines and habits in a different light–if not try something new. That’s why we’re sharing five fun ways that can help you enjoy the indoors again.

1.  Discover New TV Shows

Believe it or not, there happen to be people who choose to stay stuck inside the bubble of their favorite TV shows. There is nothing wrong with being a hardcore fan or watching an entire series over and over again. People binge on their favorite shows all the time but if it’s all you’d ever watch on a streaming site, it can rob you of the chance to discover good stuff out there that is also worth watching.

You might have figured that you aren’t particularly big on Anime. The thing is, there are heaps and heaps of Anime films and series that are insanely addictive. If you’re curious about stepping into this amazing world, you can visit the best anime sites to watch them. This could be your chance to find something new!

2.  Start a Journal

Did you know that keeping a journal allows you to ease off anxiety? Whether it’s just for talking about how your day went or about the things that are boggling your mind, keeping a journal helps you recreate a better and healthier headspace. Despite the bouts of a pandemic, it’s the perfect time for writing since it also encourages you to pause and to reflect on your life, plans, and priorities. You don’t even have to fill an entire page. You can start small with a sentence and keep the momentum going until it becomes a habit.

If you are already into journaling, dedicate a notebook for “Stress Journaling”. Note that this will not address serious mental health conditions, but it’s a therapeutic practice that can help you further reduce levels of stress.

3.  Get a Pet

Getting a pet doesn’t always mean adopting a dog or a cat. If you’d like a pet that requires less maintenance, there are many other types to choose from. Budgies or parakeets are little parrots that you can feed and water every three days. There are also low-maintenance pets that you can keep as individuals such as fish, hamsters, and rabbits. If it fits your lifestyle, you can even get a plant for your work desk. It would be great to choose a pet that you’ve never had before so you can learn new things about them and how to care for them.

Caring for another living creature gives you a fulfilling sense of responsibility while watching them grow and thrive, and this also helps release endorphins or feel-good hormones. At the height of a pandemic, a pet will give you a thing or two to look forward to.

4.  Explore New Food

You might be tired of ordering-in pizza or Chinese food–which, by the way, can pacify our greatest cravings–but not having enough variety can get you fed up if you keep eating the same thing. Probably next to sushi, one of the most popular foods in the world is ramen. Sadly not everyone has the luxury to fly to Japan and have a fresh and steamy bowl of ramen but on the upside, instant ramen is cheap, widely available, and it can be just as hearty.

Besides the fact that it’s easy to make, another cool thing about making ramen is you can tweak it as much as you like! Add in some green onion, crack open an egg, or maybe even toss in a handful of your favorite meat or sausage, and your bowl of ramen will be as sumptuous and homey as it can get. Trying new food will definitely be a good way to pacify those taste buds.

5.  Reconnect With An Old Friend

Contacting friends and family nowadays is just a few taps away, however, we often settle with flicking through social media. Ironically, that can still be an isolating experience given that staying at home eliminates most of our interactions with others.

Reaching out and reconnecting with an old friend can be very refreshing. Saying hello and doing a little catch-up over a brief call will be beneficial since we are social beings after all. You’ll never know, that phone call or that little hello could be just what your friend needs.


When you think about it, there are tons of streaming site available where you can do to keep out of boredom during a pandemic. Leaving your comfort zone by trying new things, or discovering new ways to do old routines will often be worth it!

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