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5 Key Characteristics of an Excellent Excavator

Excavating is a crucial step in every construction business or project. It preps the lot or the stage where the building will stand by digging through the ground and creating a hollow area. 

It is necessary to limit excavator hire options to those possessing high-quality and durable structures. 

One of the main reasons behind this is a single mistake in excavating poses several hazards and risks. For instance, trenches without a hazard-proof design tend to be very lethal. It is less stable, and it can cause accidents that lead to death. 

Excavations with unstable foundations are filled with loopholes and interconnected invitations for a disaster. Equipment and workers can fall in without warning, and utility lines can potentially get caught in the chaos.

With all the life-threatening risks of excavating, it is crucial to pick an excavator that’s tough and versatile enough to prevent all these hazards from taking place. Listed below are the key characteristics of a reliable and excellent excavator:

  • Multi-Functionality 

A multifunctional excavator saves more time and energy. Surely, once the lot is excavated, several other construction procedures follow through. An excavator designed and built to have additional joints provides increased efficiency that can prove to be handy during high-demand and fast-paced projects.


  • Size and Power

An excavator’s power must be well-balanced with its size or operating weight. The simple explanation behind this is the need to reduce instances where the weight overpowers the equipment’s size. Determine the amount of work that needs to be done and choose a size that suits the work demand best. When you purchase or use a smaller excavator on a large-scale project, it will take forever to finish. In contrast, using an excessively large excavator on a limited space leads to structural damages and potential accidents.

  • Absence of Tail Swing

The absence of a tail swing in excavators means that the equipment is easily manipulated without any of its parts hanging out and bumping any nearby areas of the construction site. Smarter blueprints back most modern-day excavators because it considers the domino effects of one small grey area in the equipment’s structure.

  • Extended Arms

Excavators with extended arms are highly convenient and useful. It broadens the perspective of the worker operating the equipment and limits any blind spots. Longer arms also allow a wider reach. This is true for demolition excavators. It hastens the time it takes to bring down buildings and infrastructures. More importantly, the arms are foldable to protect against falling debris.

  • Transportation and Technology

The controls must be user-friendly, easy to understand, and convenient to execute. There should be concise steps or instructions for maintaining the excavator. All these are key factors for creating a comfortable, safe, and productive work environment. Your excavator choice must also be suited for the working conditions and setting where you will be using it. What use is a hi-tech excavator if you cannot maneuver it on-site due to size incompatibility and space restrictions? 

These are just some of the integral factors you must always consider when looking for a world-class and dependable excavator. Remember that safety and cost-efficiency go hand-in-hand when considering excavator hire. You can also consult your local building professionals and licensed experts for more in-depth information on excavators and other construction equipment.

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