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5 Key Characteristics of Basketball Shops

Are you in the market for basketball gear? The global sports apparel market generated about AUD238 billion in sales during 2019, according to Statista. While there are several options when picking such apparel, basketball is easily one of the most popular ones. 

The sport’s “baskets” were originally peach baskets, while basketball has become one of the world’s most popular sports. When searching for a basketball shop, here are some of the key features to look for:


This option is the quintessential basketball gear since it differs from the jerseys worn by football and rugby players. NBA jerseys are easily one of the most popular options. For example, you can find new jerseys that include the latest home or away jerseys of your favorite NBA players.

You can also select throwback or vintage jerseys. This could include a 90s jersey worn by Luc Longley, who was the NBA’s first Australian player. Longley is a 3x NBA champion, 2x Australian State League champion, and member of the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame.  


Companies like Champion have become famous for their basketball shorts. You can pick from a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes. This is another important part of your basketball gear since it complements your jersey.


NBA jerseys are easily the most popular type of NBA apparel since it’s what NBA players wear on the court. However, you can also find NBA Draft caps that your favorite Aussie player wore during the latest NBA draft, for example.


Caps can help to complement an NBA jersey and complete your outfit. In fact, the cap and jersey combo have become a tradition during the NBA draft when new players can sport a customized jersey and the new basketball team’s logo.

Another benefit of caps is they can also help to reduce how much body heat escapes during cold weather. Recent studies show that people can lose up to 10% of their body heat through their heads.


This is another important feature to consider when shopping for basketball gear like jerseys or shorts. It’s important to select a size that’s not too snug or loose. 

If you’re planning to play basketball while wearing a jersey, then you should consider a size that will provide enough comfort when taking jump shots or playing defense.

Another factor to consider is whether your jersey or shorts size could change in the near future. For example, if you’re bulking up or on a diet, then you might wear a different size in the future. This allows you to sport the jersey of your favorite Aussie NBA player while feeling comfy.


As with other online shops, you can find online shops that include basketball apparel that’s on sale. Sometimes you can even find big sales up to 50% off, for example.

This gives you the chance to wear one of the latest or throwback NBA jerseys, for example, while simultaneously saving money. It’s always a plus when you can get the exact sports apparel you’re looking for, yet at a discounted price.

In fact, if the sale is half-off, then you could get two jerseys for the regular price of one. The feature provides more value for your purchase.  

When browsing a basketball shop, you have many options, including jerseys, shorts, and caps. You should also consider various factors, including size, style, and color. All these considerations can help you feel like an NBA player even if you’re playing Down Under. 

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