5 Major SEO Errors That You Need To Fix

Don’t you want to make your SEO campaign successful?

Don’t you want your site to rank higher on search engines?

If yes, your primary aim should be to fix the errors that you usually make while setting up your SEO campaign.

Many often SEO mistakes are overlooked and marketers expect to gain quality results in the end. But how will that be possible when you have done the biggest blunder at the very beginning?

Generally, SEO errors are defined in three different categories – technical errors, on-page errors, and crawlability errors. Some common mistakes that you make are – not adding keywords properly, a fewer number of backlinks, low-quality link building, and much more. The experts belonging to the SEO company in Kolkata or other states take care of this seriously.

5 Major SEO errors that you should immediately fix

  1. Broken pages with backlinks:If you are talking about the major issues raised by SEO, probably broken pages are one among them. Now the problem becomes more vital when these broken pages are associated with backlinks.
     Google when finding 404 error pages, often becomes upset as it doesn’t want to waste time and resources crawling a broken site or page. Now, this gets trickier when you link your primary page with the broken page.

    Google never ranks such pages on search engines as it fails to understand what the page is all about. To avoid low site rankings, you must avoid broken pages that contain backlinks.

  2. Publish duplicate content: To avoid time consumption or to keep the site on track, often marketers make use of duplicate content. They use the same content published on some other websites, especially the sites of their competitors. This is where you go wrong.

    Adding duplicate content not just lowers down the value of your site but even affects the search engine ranking. Google never ever tolerates such a horrible mistake. That’s why it is always recommended to check and recheck the plagiarism.
     To avoid the penalty, use high-quality content, with zero-copy. Make sure it is authentic, attractive, and one-of-a-kind, that stands out your site from the crowd.

    You can also use an online paraphrasing tool to make your content unique and plagiarism-free. The online Paraphraser rephrases the given content and replaces specific words with their best synonyms within seconds.
  3. Don’t take care of HTML code:Many of you believe that HTML codes are essential only for developing a site properly. When it comes to website design and development, these codes come into existence.

    Well, you are correct and incorrect at the same time.

    HTML codes are used to develop a site properly. But simultaneously, these codes are even responsible for boosting the SEO performance of the site. HTML codes that mainly take care of the heading tags including H1, H2, H3 tags help engines to read the content properly.

    By adding SEO tags in HTML, search engine crawlers crawl the content and determine whether the site should be visible at the top of SERPs. Some prominent HTML tags include – Title Tags, Meta Description tags, Meta Title tags, Header tags, Alt tags, Open Graph tags, Twitter Card tags, Robot tags, and Canonical tags.

  4. Neglecting website speed: Do you believe that the SEO performance of a site also depends on the UX? If not, start believing from today itself.
     The user experience of a website matters a lot when it comes to SEO. And the most substantial element that affects this is the website speed. It is found that around 38% of online users bounce back when they found the site is taking too long to load.

    That’s quite embarrassing, isn’t it?

    No matter how beautiful your content is, how engaging your ads are, how impactful your products and services are, if the site takes too long to respond you will lose maximum traffic.

    Your web page speed is one of the major factors responsible for high search engine rankings. Hence, you must take this into account seriously. You can use some online tools like PageSpeed Insights to check your site speed and optimize your site accordingly.

  5. Not using long-tail keywords: Often you focus on short-tail keywords to make the content short and crispy. But friends, you will be surprised to hear that long-tail keywords are more powerful than the short ones.
    Long-tail keywords or long phrases have the potential to gather more traffic. Studies have proved that 95% of organic traffic is generated from long-tail keywords. Therefore, even if your primary keyword is something else, make sure you use long phrases and long-tail variations to optimize your site for better results.


Is your website up-to-date? Make sure the SEO techniques you have implemented are neither backdated nor faulty. Otherwise, the efforts you put to take your business to the next level via digital marketing will be meaningless.

Connect with a digital marketing agency in Kolkata or other nearby regions you want. Team with the expert and fix the SEO errors before it is too late.


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