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5 Must-Have Travel Apps on Your Android Mobile or iPhone

Technology has changed the world and we can see a major change in the way we travel or the way we do shopping. The easy availability of the Smartphone makes the whole world accessible on a single device and you can use your mobile device in various ways.

You might have used a lot of social media apps on your mobile, but you should also use some apps that can help you on your world travel tour. If you are not a person who goes for the world tour, even then these 5 must-have travel apps will help you while traveling to other cities or within your own city.

These apps will help you in finding the best hotels on your destination, you can find the best available food with the help of these apps, or you can even book a Perth taxi if you want. So, without wasting our time, let’s check these must-have travel apps.

5 Must-Have Travel Apps

1.    AccuWeather

Most of the Android mobiles and iOS devices have weather forecasting widgets that provide you weather details of different locations. But these custom installed apps are not that good as AccuWeather is.

While traveling, it is very important to know the weather conditions of your destination. There are many areas where the weather keeps changing every single day, so in that situation, AccuWeather can help you in forecasting very accurate weather conditions for the next whole week.

This amazing must-have travel app is available on Google Play and App Store for Free.

2.    Hotel Tonight

While going on a trip with your family, it is always good to book your hotel early for specific days. But what will you do if your flight gets delay for any reason? Or if you have any problem and what will happen to your hotel booking?

Hotel Tonight is an app that helps you in booking a hotel at the last minute. This app will keep you up to date with the empty rooms and you will get discounts as well. The Daily Drop feature of the app also provides you an economical deal for your hotel booking.

The team of Hotel Tonight app is also available for 24/7 support if anything goes wrong. So your bookings are always safe and you can make a new booking in case of delayed flights or any other problems.

The app is available for Android and iOS users.


Another great app for Android and iOS users; this app can help in hotel bookings and apartments within seconds. You can find and book your favorite hotel at discounted prices. provides you a handy feature that can be used to compare the prices of different hotels. If you are using this app, then you must use this feature so that you can book the best rooms at the best prices.

You can also check reviews about different hotels, rooms, and their services from the 135 million users who are using app on their Android or iOS device. This app will also show you the room sizes in your search result which enhances the user experience of this application.

You can also get 24/7 support from the professional team of and you can ask them for emergency changes to your booking details.

There is no credit card fee involve when you book through and by the way you should use RFID blocking wallet to make your RFID cards secure. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling or not, an RFID blocking wallet always protects your credit cards from unauthorized use.

4.    Google Maps

Though 99% of Smartphone users are familiar with this great navigation app we believe that we should mention this app in the list of must-have travel apps. This is regarded as the best navigation app all around the world and you can see the maps of any location from anywhere in the world.

With Google Maps, you can find the best directions for travel on public transit, travel on foot, travel by car or a cab, or even by bicycle. It will also show you the time to reach your destination from your place while considering the real-time traffic volume on your way. It will also consider the busy schedules of the day, the road condition, and other factors that can affect the total time.

Not over yet, this app will amaze you with the feature to use it in offline mode. You can download the directions towards your destination and later you can use that direction in the offline mode. So no need to worry if there are no network signals on your way.

You can even find the best restaurants, bars, hotels, and attractions around your place. You can search for hotels with different features like air-conditioned rooms, pet-friendly hotels, or hotels with free Wi-Fi.

In short, this is a must-have travel app for every travel and it doesn’t matter if you are a local traveler or you are traveling to other countries. Google Maps app is available for free for both Android and iOS users.

5.    Hopper

Obviously, you want to find great deals on flights as well while you are traveling. Hooper is the best solution for all your problems related to flight bookings. This amazing app will help you in finding the best flights for your destination point and it will also provide you a price comparison that can help you in finding the cheapest flights so that you can save money.

Not only this, but Hopper will also help you in deciding when you should travel to a specific location and provides you information about the expected expenses during different times of the year. This app will find the best tickets and also helps you to decide whether you should buy your tickets now, or you should wait for a while to get cheaper deals.

So, overall this is the best travel app that can cater to your needs for flight bookings. You can find this great travel app on Google Play and the App Store.

Bonus Apps

Though the above 5 must-have travel apps are enough and will help in almost every requirement while traveling. But here are a few more bonus apps that can make your travel trip easier and cheaper.

You can install the Uber App to book your ride. Uber is an app that is available in 65 countries and in more than 600 cities of the world. You can find the best and cheapest rides if you use the Uber app.

Gass Buddy can save your money on your fuel consumption if you are traveling in your own car. This app provides you information about different gas stations with their prices and guides you to the gas station that provides the best prices. If you have this app on your Smartphone, you can fill up the tank at a less price and can save money for other expenses.

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