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5 PRINCE2 Project Management Tips

Hello everyone! I hope this question has been of interest to you? I am working currently with a business that is working on its way up to becoming an accolade outsourcing company. Basically, the Owner is having a certain amount of projects to complete and he has given the contracting of project managers to each of his team. As you can find on a prince 2 Course London with training.

He is wondering gives me a few project management tips that will make his lives a lot easier and make my company as successful as possible. I will throw in 5 project management tips here and someeverhailoredirectlyto this site.

Project Managers need to

  • Understand their responsibilities
  • Understand their team member’s responsibilities
  • Understand their own responsibilities

Many team members don’t interpret their role and responsibilities in as much detail as they need to. When you have additional people who are hired to get the job done it can often cause more confusion in the work process. And this will cause a waste of time as well. Once you have specific expectations set down in reference to their responsibilities, check them off after they are completed. It also better to have people on your team that know the work is completed and that they are not breaking any laws.

Understand their team member’s responsibilities

This is important when looking at a project from the team owner’s perspective. The team needs to see who is responsible for what. Often, they may have someone who would like to call the shots on all the projects no matter if they have the design capabilities or not. Their who not! Each person on the team needs to understand that they have some type of obligation to communicate with their immediate management on how they are progressing at any given time. They need to understand that they will be required to communicate their progress to their team.

Understand their own performance

All projects have a period of time that management makes critical business decisions on each project. The team members in the partnership need to learn to place themselves in the shoes of each one of the project team members.

Understand the nature of the business decision making process

Most organizations have a structure of decision making that is a way to cut through the background material created by staff members. The rest of the group can sometimes feel they are being moved through a planner’s, analytical stationed. minimize unnecessary wet- {sodas, etc… discriminate toward whatever you need to work on and update with the team at the end of the year.

Understand who will be making the decision

This is a big one! Make it clear who is going to be the decision maker on the project. This opens the door for communication and misunderstanding, especially when it comes to breaking new ground on priorities.

–    You may have someone who has little in the way of contacts and will only allow the into the process on the promise of more in the future. This is another reason to double-check your expectations.

–    You may have someone that will only allow the information to get sent into a less particular department. If this is the case make up your own mind as to how to communicate the expectations!


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