5 reasons for using skills testing software in recruitment

Pre-employment employee skills testing is now more important than ever as the job market is experiencing disparity in the low number of jobs and a high volume of job seekers. Recruitment agencies who utilise skills testing software to assess their candidate’s ability are far more likely to succeed in placing their candidates. Recruiters use employee skills testing as a supplementary recruitment tool to provide hiring companies with the best candidates possible. The facility to test candidates online has also proven to be a huge advantage as candidates can take the skills tests from anywhere.

1.         Highlights quality candidates – Skills testing helps recruiters filter job applicants. Recruiters turn to skills tests when they have many candidates with similar qualifications and experiences.  Using software to skills test all the applicants’ helps recruiters to narrow down to the most suitable ones. It particularly helps highlight talented candidates who might not necessarily perform well in interviews. Overall, it helps bring deserving candidates to the forefront.

2.         Helps match the right applicant to the job – There are various skill assessments offered by skills testing software solutions. These tests offer every candidate an equal opportunity to prove their knowledge and capabilities. MS Office skills tests as well as data entry and typing skills tests are used commonly to assess candidates for administrative roles. The tests help recruiters measure a candidate’s skill and level of understanding. The assessments are usually

3.         Prevents skill exaggeration – It is not uncommon for job seekers to embellish their CV and their skills. However, this can create problems for employers if their new employees can’t do their job properly or basically are unable to meet their expectations. Pre-employment skills tests ensure that recruiters and prospective employers have an authentic understanding of a candidate’s ability and their potential. Recruiters also use skills testing to prevent themselves from skipping over appropriate candidates in favour of someone who has oversold themselves.

4.         Provides evidence-backed candidate list – Assessing candidates give recruiters an edge over the competitors. Quality skill testing software provides detailed results that allow hiring companies to see how an individual has performed compared to the majority of applicants. It highlights their skills and shows where they are lacking, which can help inform final hiring decisions.

5.         Reduces employee turnover – When candidates are assessed based on their skills, it helps recruiters and companies make better hiring decisions. It reduces employee turnover that can turn out to be very costly for companies as they will have to restart the entire process. Companies receive confidence about their candidates when they see the results generated by the skills testing software gives companies. 

In short, skills testing is demonstrating that it is an indispensable part of the modern recruitment process. While employee requirements vary from industry to industry, the core fundamentals of a job role remain the same. Skills testing software offers various skills assessment tests. These tests range from Basic to Intermediate to Advanced that helps recruiters validate that an applicant is suitable for the position. Testing candidates also help convince hiring companies that the list of applicants they’re surveying are the best in the market.

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