5 Reasons to play Helix Jump Game for iOS and Android Versions

This new mobile game “Helix jump” is now available for both Android and iPhone users. It is easy to access and play. Also, it will be the best way to spend your time or to engage your kids. This Jump Ball Gameis known as an addicted game that is entirely free to download but also has the option of in-app purchases for its users.

Here are All the Details You Need to Know About the Game!

Before playing and getting addicted to this game, it will be better if you will get to know every detail about this game.

Overview of Helix Jump Game

This game has an endless fun play style in which you try harder to get a ball down from a set of platforms. You have to do it by avoiding the red platforms that can end your turn. This game is simple but quite addictive, too, where you struggle to make the highest points. This app doesn’t push its users for in-app purchases; in fact, it is available for free like most of the apps. 

With each increasing level, the game gets tougher with the time. Also, there will be so many ads at the time of your turns and you have to watch them for the game consistency. This Helix Jump 2020 can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android. Be aware as there is another game with the same name on the Google play store, but you can easily find the difference between both as they are from a different company.

How to Play this New Helix Jump Game?

Playing this game is not so tough, all you have to do is put the finger on the device’s screen. You can move it from left to right to rotate the structure of Helix. You will not be able to move the on-screen ball but use the platform that is around the central pole. Try to adjust the platform as a user to fall the ball through the openings. The ball can bounce on the platforms, but it can’t bounce on the red platform.

To score the highest points, go through more than one opening at once. There is a possibility to land on a red platform if you go through three or more than that. And, if you die in the game, you can keep going by watching an ad. That ad lasts for 10 seconds minimum, and you can’t skip it anyway as you can revive it once per turn.

5 Reasons to Play Helix Jump Game 2020

There are so many reasons to play this game, and here are some of them. It comes with the appropriate size of 90 MB and also offers to handle the game to end in 24 hours or in less even. It also has its latest version that is 1.0.3 updated on 22nd February 2018. Here are more reasons to play this Helix Jump Game.

1.    Safe Game for Kids

This game is very much safe for kids to play as parents are always worried about the displayed ads, game content, and in-app purchases. This game has been rated 12+ on iTunes for the displayed items as ads you see. Here are the following game items-

  • Mild simulated gambling
  • Mild realistic violence
  • Mild fear or horror themes

2.    Combo Platforms

When the user gets to pass through any platform, it will offer you points. To score multipliers, pass through multiple platforms without touching them. The multiplier’s length will depend upon the height of the combo. You will get more points if you get four or more platforms.

3.    No Need to Rush

The squishy ball in this Jump Ball Gamewill bounce on the similar platform consistently, and it will be like this until the next move. So, don’t rush as there is no limit and go-ahead to use all the time. While crossing various platforms, the user will drop down automatically to the next level after a single bounce.

4.    Interesting Levels of the Game

This game has new and different levels with interesting obstacles that make the game more fun and exciting for the user. After level 5, you will face a danger zone that you will enjoy playing. So, take time and analyze all the game movements for moving ahead safely.

5.    Wisely Play and Upgrade

At the start, this game has no advantages or perks for users, but when you reach t higher levels, there are various bonuses and boosts. Also, it has multiple upgrades and power-ups. You can also jump backwards onto levels for having perks with each upgraded level.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have provided every tiny detail about Helix Jump 2020. These are the reasons that compel the users to play the game. Through the reasons as mentioned earlier and details, you can get to know everything about this game.

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